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Estheticana is one of the most known health and tourism companies worldwide. It has achieved accomplishments in hair transplantation and esthetic operations with the latest technological tools. It guarantees successful results with Turkish doctors and qualified health teams. The clinic continues to improve itself aims to reach its patients in many parts of the world.



Estheticana is a clinic that receives patients at international standards by keeping up with the latest technologies with modern surgical tools ever since its establishment. All services performed within our structure are carried out in sterile environment by international standards, with our specialist physicians and a team of experts.

Estheticana is one of the top quality and most successful hospitals in Istanbul. Our hospital beyond the borders of Turkey with successful treatment and our expert hair transplant coordinator Isa Tozkar’s 10 years of experience has become a firm that provides international services. We follow all techniques and innovations in hair transplantation, plastic surgeries, eye surgeries to dental treatment.




Briefly, hair transplant is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the patient’s own body to the balding areas..


Having rare beards is not an insoluble. With beard transplant, the person can easily get bushy beards.


DHI technique is one of the most used techniques in hair transplant. This technique is done with a tool similar to a pencil called ‘Choi’ pen.


Eye surgery, also known as ocular surgery, is the field of medicine that deals with the eye and other visual structures.


This field of medicine is a discipline that covers the reconstruction, reshaping and other aesthetic attempts of various parts of the body.


Dental treatment is a branch of medicine that works for the elimination of diseases related to teeth, gums and maxillofacial regions.


You can contact us to get information about hair transplantation in our clinic and to learn how you can benefit from this information. By having an initial consultation with Estheticana, you can send photos of the front, top, sides (right-left), and back of your head. Our patient consultants are here to explain the procedure and prepare a treatment plan for your expectation. Fill out the form and our consultants will contact you shortly.

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    Turkey is the world leader in hair transplantation and has professional doctors in this field. Estheticana is one of the best health tourism companies in Turkey with the hair transplant service it offers to its international patients. Collaborating with experts with more than 10 years of experience, it offers permanent and natural hair to people with hair loss problems. There are many modern hair transplant techniques in Turkey. These techniques are applied professionally in many hair transplant centers.

    One of the reasons why hair transplantation is preferred in Turkey is the affordable prices. At the same time, hair transplant clinics in Turkey have packages that include accommodation, transfer and translation services. It is specially prepared for the comfort of the patient during the hair transplantation process. In addition, patients are very well received in Turkey. The patient goes through a comfortable hair transplant process with airport pick-up, accommodation and translation services.






    We only accept a limited number of patients in one day to take a care of them each one especially. In this way, we serve our patients better and we can take care of them more.


    When treating our patients, our priority is always to provide the best quality service at the most affordable price. Call us to get information about our services and discuss prices.


    We provide free accommodation to our customers during the treatment days. By choosing us for your treatment, you can take advantage of free accommodation at 4 and 5 stars hotels.


    Our operations are done painlessly. Thanks to the innovative technique we use, our hair transplantation, dental treatment and cosmetic surgery operations are 100% painless.



    1 - Before Travel

    The first thing you need to do is to contact us. Our specialist patient consultants will take special care of you and inform you in detail about the process. The best option will be chosen for your treatment and also your treatment plan.
    Estheticana will prepare everything you need for your operation specifically for you.

    2 - Transportation To Turkey

    The next step after making a reservation for your operation is to purchase your flight tickets and make your travel plan. After arriving to Turkey we will
    take you to our clinic and to your hotel.
    Our clinic will also carry out your transportation between the hotel and the hospital.

    3 - Once You Arrive in Turkey

    When you come to our clinic, Estheticana employees
    will take special care of you. We limit the number of people we treat daily in order to show sufficient attention to our patients. After the necessary controls and examinations for your treatment, you will be
    prepared for the operation.




    Advanced Methods, The Latest Techniques and a Life-Time Warranty

    You can contact us 24/7. You can call us at any time or send a message via Whatsapp.

    You can make free calls in Estheticana. When you send us your picture, we will give you a free consultation. Our consultants inform you about the operation in detail, determine the operation you need and create a special treatment plan for you.

    We have different packages for hair transplantation. Click here to get more detailed information on packages and possibilities.

    Just contact us for this. Our patient coordinators will give you detailed information and explain how the process will work.

    It is not possible to determine whether a person is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation without a interview. Contact us to find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.



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