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    Unshaven Hair Transplant


    Some people who want to have a hair transplant delay hair transplant even when they hear that hair needs to be cut to perform hair transplant. It is undesirable to cut the hair, especially when women are transplanted. With unshaven hair transplant, it is possible to transplant hair without cutting your hair.

    Unshaven Hair Transplant

    Hair loss starts primarily in the front areas of the hair. Then, the hairs appear in the crown area and the anterior hairline disappears. In these spills, it is not necessary to shave all of the hair in people whose front area is poured. In addition, in cases where dilution is observed, unshaven hair transplant is performed very successfully.

    What is Unshaven Hair Transplant ?


    Various methods have been developed to eliminate this problem of those who do not prefer shaved appearance after hair transplant. The aim is to enable people to get through the hair transplant processes in the most comfortable way. With unshaved hair transplant, patients return to their social life as soon as possible.

    Previously, the area must have been completely shaved in order to remove hair follicles in hair transplant operations. This is a very bad situation for those who do not want to travel shaved in public. The unshaven hair transplant technique is a technique developed to end such grievances. Women prefer this technique more.

    Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant Technique


    Those who will have an unshaved hair transplant are asked to grow their hair before the operation. In this process, the donor area where the hair roots will be taken is determined first. Then the hair follicles in the donor area are taken by the hair transplant team. These hair follicles taken are ready to be transplanted. In order for the hair follicles to attach to the balding areas, the channels are opened to these areas. Hair follicles collected from the donor area are transferred to the opened channels.

    In the unshaven FUE hair transplant technique, the duration of the operation varies according to the number of hair to be transplanted. The procedure takes longer because it contains more procedures than the normal Fue technique. Therefore, the prices of the unshaven FUE technique may vary according to other methods. 

    The Process After Unshaven Hair Transplant


    Unshaved hair transplant;

    - Faster return to social life,

    - Easier closure of the area where hair follicles are collected,

    - Open the way for the Fue method to women who do not plan to have a haircut, and

    - The scars that appear with the Fut method have the advantages of not being seen in this method.

    The differences between unshaven hair transplant and shaved hair transplant:

    In shaved hair transplant, the hair parts must be cut completely. The reason for this is that the upper part of the hair is very empty and needs much transplant. In people with a small or infrequent area where hair transplant is needed, unshaved hair transplant is successfully performed. The vision of the doctor is clear in hair transplant done by shaving. However, the visibility of the doctor is limited in unshaved hair transplant. In addition, the doctor must be extra attentive in order not to damage the hair strands near the balding areas. Therefore, unshaved hair transplant may be a little more difficult for the doctor than other hair transplants. Therefore, those who want to have an unshaved hair transplant should be careful that the doctor who will perform the procedure is experienced in this regard.

    The Process After Unshaven Hair Transplant


    It is almost the same as other hair transplant methods after unshaved hair transplant. However, the transplanted areas are hidden more easily because they are not shaved.

    - Crust, redness and itching appear after the operation. Redness and crusting in the transplanted areas disappear in about 1-2 weeks.

    - The first wash is made 3 days after the operation. This wash should be done very carefully. Because the newly transplanted hair follicles are not able to hold completely in place, they can easily break even in a small blow. For this reason, the first wash is done by a specialist at the hair transplant center. The next washes can be done by the patient. The patient should be very careful during washing and be kind to the scalp.

    - 2 weeks after hair transplant, the phase called shock shedding starts. At this stage, the transplanted hair follicles are shed. Patients who do not have enough information about this stage think that hair transplant is unsuccessful when they experience shock loss. However, this shock does not show that hair loss has failed. Shock shedding is a phase that happens in almost everyone who has a hair transplant, and new hair grows over time.

    - After about 3 months, new hair starts to grow. There is no permanent scar after transplant.

    - At the end of about 1 year, the main hair appears. In this process, there is no harm in shaping and lengthening one’s hair as he wishes.

    Things to Consider After Unshaven Hair Transplant


    - The shells formed after the procedure should not be touched and the itchy scalp should not be itched. Because the hair follicles can easily break off in contact.

    - After planting, experts give the necessary directions on how to wash and protect the hair. After this stage, it is sufficient to do what the doctor said. Washing water should not be too pressurized, too hot or too cold. During drying, the skin of the head should not be rubbed and a soft towel should be used.

    - Care should be taken to avoid getting blows from the hair and no shape should be touched on the transplanted areas.

    - Should be lying as upright as possible while lying down. Care should be taken not to rub the treated areas on the pillow.

    - Direct sun should not be removed after the procedure, if necessary, a soft and soft hat should be worn.

    - Heavy sports should be avoided.

    - Do not enter places (hamam, sauna) that can cause excessive sweating.

    All processes related to hair transplant are carried out successfully with Estheticana. If you want to have hair transplant in our center, you can request an appointment from us. You can contact us for any questions about unshaven hair transplant cost and more. 




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