Eye Surgery

Eye surgery, also known as ocular surgery, is the field of medicine that deals with the eye and other visual structures.

What is the Eye Surgery ?

The eye is a fragile organ. Care should be taken during the surgical procedure to treat damage to the eye. Specialist eye surgeons in our hospital select the appropriate procedure for the patient and treat the patients by taking the necessary safety measures.

Today, many different techniques have been developed to treat eye ailments. The eye is fed by nerves. Therefore, anesthesia should be applied before surgical procedures. Common eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or myopia are corrected with eye surgery.



Cornea Diseases

The cornea is the curved transparent layer of the eye. It is located in the forefront of the eye. It is a non-vascular tissue. It has a great role in vision. It protects the eye from external factors and focuses the light. 

Trifocal Lens

Thanks to the ability to adapt, the clarity of the image is maintained when looking at a close object from a distant object. The ciliary muscles inside the eye contract and relax and as a result, the thickness of the transparent lens changes.

Smile Laser

Smile laser is one of the newest laser refraction surgeries. LASIK treatment requires a large incision for laser application. This incision falls down to 2 mm in the smile laser.

Refractive Surgery

It is an examination that includes the treatment of refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. Laser eye treatment has been used since the 1980s. Laser eye examination is a comprehensive examination.