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    Hollywood Smile


    Hollywood Smile is a kind of aesthetic smile design. Hollywood stars have always attracted attention with a beautiful and confident smile. Everyone can now have their smile.

    Hollywood Smile

    Everyone wants to have a beautiful and expressive smile. Bright and white teeth, combined with a confident smile, make a very good impression. Your teeth and smile are one of the first things people notice in you. Having a good smile always puts the person one step ahead. Spectacular smiles, especially in Hollywood stars, have attracted everyone’s attention, and thanks to those who want to have a smile like them, the ‘Hollywood Smile’ treatment has emerged.

    What is Hollywood Smile Design?


    Dentists are now used not only for oral and dental health, but also for aesthetic reasons. The majority of people who apply with aesthetic concerns prefer the smile design called ‘Hollywood Smile’. Problems such as distortions, abrasions, color changes, caries, abrasions and symmetry disorders in the teeth affect the appearance and cause aesthetic problems. Dentists can eliminate aesthetic problems by treating these problems.

    Smile design is the process of treating the problems of lips, teeth and gums of people who are not satisfied with their smile or whose appearance is impaired due to various reasons (accident, illness, etc.) and designing the best smile suitable for the individual. Smile design should be planned completely personally. Thanks to the smile designs obtained by combining medicine and art, everyone can have a smile in their dreams. Those who are not satisfied with the appearance or smile of their teeth have the appearance they want thanks to these treatments.

    Hollywood smile, smile design allows you to have white, symmetrical and aesthetic teeth. In the smile design, you can have a younger and more energetic smile with the right mouth closing. We plan the Hollywood smile design by combining the look that suits best with our patient’s wishes.

    The smile designs for men and women are different from each other. Women’s facial features are softer compared to men’s. The proportions of the tip of the chin, forehead and nose are different among men and women.

    White and natural looking teeth are indispensable for Hollywood smile. Some of the highlights for the Hollywood smile:

    -The upper front teeth should be smooth. The 2 incisors in the upper middle should be more prominent and in the front.
    -During the smile, the upper teeth should appear, including the first molar teeth. Lower incisors should also be visible.
    -The lip width should be at least half of the face width.
    -The upper tooth should also appear approximately 2 mm.
    -The lips should be opened symmetrically while smiling.

    You can have a perfect smile with Hollywood smile aesthetic smile design that provides the smile of Hollywood stars.

    For a good smile design:

    -If there are distortions in the teeth, these distortions should be treated.
    -Upper anterior teeth are the most visible teeth during smile. If these teeth are not smooth, a good smile cannot be achieved.
    -For the ideal smile design, attention should be paid to the golden ratio.

    Processes for Hollywood Smile Design


    Only white teeth are not enough to have a beautiful smile. The alignment, position and proportion of the teeth are also important. With the Hollywood smile design, the patient’s dental structure can be corrected with a porcelain coating, and the incompatibility between the gums and teeth can be eliminated.

    In smile design, the shape of the face is determined first and the most suitable tooth form is determined for the patient. How you smile depends on many different factors, such as facial features, gender, lips and age.

    The interventions in Hollywood smile design vary from person to person. Because the dental problems of each patient are different from each other. The treatment methods commonly used in Hollywood smile design are:

    Porcelain Vener: It is a porcelain coating applied by slightly abrading the tooth surfaces. It is an application performed on intermittent, crooked, small, broken or yellow colored teeth. In this process, which can be performed in a short time, minimum intervention is made to the tooth tissue. In this way, dental tissue is protected as much as possible.

    Teeth Whitening: The most important criterion for a good smile is white teeth. The method to be determined by your dentist is applied in the teeth whitening process.

    Dental Implant: Dental loss that impairs dental aesthetics b-if any, these are eliminated with dental implant treatment.

    Hollywood Smile Design in Turkey


    Health tourism in Turkey is among the most preferred countries. Learn dental treatment is one of the most preferred areas where foreigners wishing to treatment in Turkey. There are two main reasons for Turkey’s so much to be preferred. The first reason is quite affordable for treatment in Turkey. The second reason is the realization of these treatments in Turkey quite successfully. You also fill out the contact form if you want to have a Hollywood smile design in Turkey suffice for now. After filling out the contact form, our team will contact you and have an online conversation with you.

    Estheticana performs aesthetic dental applications with great care with its expert attachment and state-of-the-art tools. If you want to have a good smile, contact us immediately. Let us give you a specific consultation for your smile design and inform you about Hollywood smile prices.




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