Smile laser is one of the newest laser refraction surgeries. LASIK treatment requires a large incision for laser application.
This incision falls down to 2mm in the treatment.

Relex smile treatment is a great improvement in stabless laser treatments.
It gives very good results especially in high degrees of myopia.


What is Smile Laser ?

Smile laser treatment is an FDA-approved treatment. All steps in smile treatment are done without a knife and with a single laser. The disc is removed with a smaller incision compared to the femto lasik technique. It is a safe treatment for patients with high numbers. This treatment has advantages such as less dry eye problems and faster recovery.

This laser provides the opportunity to treat astigmatism up to -5 in astigmatism and -10 in myopia. It is a suitable treatment method for professional groups and athletes who are at risk of being exposed to pressure and impact.

In this laser treatment, femtosecond laser is used to create a small tissue in the surgeon’s cornea. Then a small arc-shaped incision is made on the corneal surface. The surgeon removes the lenticule from this incision. The problem is corrected and the cornea shape is changed. The cornea will heal within a few days. Sharp vision happens pretty quickly.

Am I Suitable For Smile Laser Treatment?

Relex smile laser treatment is the most appropriate treatment for professional athletes and people with active lifestyles. This treatment is applied to people over 18 years old. In order to apply the Relex smile treatment;

  • Your eye numbers should not have changed in the last year.
  • Your astigmatism should not be greater than -5.00 degrees.
  • Your myopia should be between -1.00 and -10.00 degrees.
  • Your cornea and general eye health condition should be appropriate.

Who Cannot Have a Smile Laser ?

  • Patients with changing eye numbers,
  • Hypermetropia patients,
  • Those under the age of 18,
  • Excessive keloid or scar formation,
  • Uncontrolled diabetes,
  • Those with advanced glaucoma disease,
  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • Presence of other diseases that may affect healing,
  • Corneal degeneration or disease,
  • People with a history of specific eye infections and
  • It cannot be applied to those with a cataract disease affecting vision.

Eye Laser Surgery

There is a very short laser procedure in surgery. In the surgery, a vacuum process is applied that prevents you from moving your eyes. Then the laser is applied. The doctor removes the piece formed in the cornea through an incision of approximately 2 mm.

After smile laser operation, watering, sensitivity and glare in the lights may be experienced throughout the day. This is completely natural. These complaints will decrease with the drops to be used in treatment.

Benefits of Smile Laser

  • Complications related to flap tissue are not expected.
  • There is no risk of valve displacement after a possible trauma to the eye after surgery.
  • Less corneal incisions are created with the this treatment.
  • Dryness of the eyes due to loss of sensation is minimized as the number of nerves cut is less.
  • It can be used in high vision defects.

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