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    Eyebrow Transplant


    Eyebrow transplant is an operation for those with sparse eyebrows or those who have eyebrow loss to have bushy eyebrows. This operation is especially preferred by women. Eyebrows can be shaped with eyebrow transplant. The pointed eyebrow can be blunt or the flat eyebrow can be curved.

    Eyebrow Transplant

    Causes of Eyebrow Loss


    Eyebrows can fall out for many different reasons. The main causes of eyebrow loss are;

    - The eyebrows that are taken constantly,
    - At the end of incorrect eyebrow intake,
    - Burn etc. as a result of accidents,
    - Congenital eyebrow infrequently,
    - Various diseases and
    - Trauma

    Who Can Have an Eyebrow Transplant ?


    Eyebrow transplant is a necessary operation for many people. Although most of the people who want to have eyebrow transplant are women, men are also very willing to have eyebrow transplantation. People who have eyebrow transplantation can be examined in 3 groups. These:

    • Those whose brows are congenitally sparse and want to make their eyebrows thicker

    • Those who no longer have eyebrows because their eyebrows are worn and

    • Eyebrows caused by accident or illness.

    It can be performed successfully after the examinations by the experts after the application for this operation. However, prior to this, necessary tests and examinations are performed on the patient. Eyebrow transplantation operation can be successfully carried out to everyone whose health condition is appropriate.


    How to Do Eyebrow Transplant


    Eyebrows and eyelashes that fall out for various reasons affect the person negatively. Eyebrow operation is done to gain the appearance of old eyebrows or to have thicker eyebrows. This process is done with the FUE technique. Thanks to this technique, your rare eyebrow problem is eliminated. You will have thicker eyebrows.

    This operation is done in the same logic as the FUE technique. Hair follicles in the donor area are collected one by one. Small channels are opened in the eyebrow-free areas for transplanting the collected hair follicles. The orientation and angle of these channels are very important for eyebrow transplantation to look natural. New eyebrows should be transplanted in accordance with the direction and angle of natural eyebrows. Channels opened in the wrong angle or direction may cause eyebrows to come in the opposite direction or down. Channels opened at a wide angle cause eyebrows to erect. After the channels are opened, the hair follicles collected are transferred to these channels.

    General information about the operation:

    - The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

    - Operation time is 3 – 4 hours on average.

    - As the donor area, the nape region is generally preferred.

    Process Before and After Eyebrow Transplant

    Before Eyebrow Transplant

    Necessary tests are performed on the patient before eyebrow transplant. If the patient’s health condition is suitable for the operation, the planning phase is started. At the planning stage, the patient’s existing eyebrow condition is analyzed. It is learned what kind of eyebrow shape and density the patient wants. The patient is designed with eyebrows and it is decided how much eyebrow root to transplant. The patient’s wishes and face shape are very important when designing the eyebrows. After correct and successful transplant, it is not understood that the eyebrows are transplanted.

    Things to consider before eyebrow transplantation:

    – Comfortable wearable clothes should be preferred on the day of operation. (Shirt, etc.)

    – In order not to increase the risk of complications during the operation, smoking should be stopped some time before eyebrow transplantation.

    – Before the operation, blood-thinning drugs should be interrupted.

    – The patient should report his health history completely.

    – If there is a medication or drugs he uses regularly, he should inform the doctor about them.

    After Eyebrow Transplant

    Crusts and rashes appear in the transplanted area after eyebrow transplant. These crusts and rashes disappear in a short time.

    Transplanted eyebrows begin to fall 2 weeks after the operation. This is a normal process for everyone. At the end of this phase, which is called shock shedding, new eyebrows will be replaced by the eyebrows.

    Eyebrows begin to appear 3 months after the operation. After an average of 7-8 months, the eyebrows take their final shape.

    In the operation, the newly transplanted roots are taken from the hair on the nape. This hair grows as fast as the hair in the brow area. For this reason, the ends should be trimmed at 2-week intervals and corrected. But this situation is temporary. In a year, your eyebrows will adapt to the place they are transplanted and their growth rates will slow down.

    Things to consider after eyebrow transplantation:

    – Itchy spots should never be scratched and the skin should not be touched.
    – You should not enter the pool or the sea for the first two weeks after eyebrow transplant.
    – It should not be exposed to sunlight directly.
    – Heavy sports should be avoided.
    – It should not be laid face down.
    – Care should be taken not to blow your eyebrows.

    Risks and Side Effects of Eyebrow Transplant Operation

    Eyebrow transplantation operation is quite an easy operation. However, as with any surgical operation, there may be some complications and side effects in eyebrow transplant. The most common risks and side effects in eyebrow transplant:

    – Bleeding,
    – Risks arising from anesthesia,
    – Infection,
    – Redness and
    – Skinning

    Eyebrow Transplant in Estheticana

    The appearance of a sparse or incomplete eyebrow directly affects the appearance of the person. Many men or women try to combat this problem. The treatments and products used are often useless. In this case, direct eyebrow transplant comes to mind. After successful eyebrow transplant in Estheticana, you will have natural and bushy. You can easily get rid of the shapelessness and smoothness of your eyebrows. Thanks to our application performed in just a few hours in our clinic, you can have extremely beautiful eyebrows. All you have to do is not contact us for this. You can contact us by filling out the contact form, calling us or sending a message via whatsapp.

    Contact us for free consultation, to have detailed information about eyebrow transplantation and to learn the eyebrow transplantation costs.




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