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    You can find detailed information about all operation process

    Before The Operation


    Those who want to be treated in the fields of hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery should have sufficient knowledge before the operation. This prevents the patient from getting through the operation process in the best way and an unexpected situation.

    Hair Transplant Steps


    Hair transplant techniques are carried out with great care and attention in Estheticana. With our expert team and the latest technology tools we use, we always keep operation success at the highest point. We decide on the best hair transplant technique that will suit you with the special and one-on-one meetings we will hold before the operation.

    Hair Wash After Hair Transplant


    Hair transplant operation is a highly demanded operation. It is one of the most preferred operations especially by men. In order for the hair transplant operation to take place successfully, it is important that the post-operation care is performed as well as the successful operation. In order for the operation to give an effective result, extra attention should be paid to the care of the hair after the operation. As long as the hair transplant person cares regularly and complies with the doctor’s recommendations, his hair will grow strong and fast.

    Long Term Hair Care After Hair Transplant


    The person who has decided to have a hair transplant should learn exactly what will happen during and after the operation.

    Preparation before hair transplant, hair transplant operation and care after hair transplant … They all have different dynamics. There are a number of factors that will affect the success of the treatment from the beginning to the end. Therefore, care must be taken in all stages of hair transplant. Even if a technically successful operation is performed, the desired results may not be obtained from the treatment if sufficient care is not given to post-operative care.

    Hair Transplant in Turkey


    If you want to make a plantation of Turkey but is there a question mark in your mind? You can find answers to FAQ about hair transplant in Turkey that plugs into your mind by reading this article.




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