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    Breast Augmentation


    performed to increase the volume of the breasts. In this surgical procedure; breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or muscles. In this article, we have included those who are curious about breast augmentation surgeries.

    Breast Augmentation

    Why Breast Augmentation Operations are Made ?


    Breast augmentation surgeries can be done for various reasons. Breast growth surgeries : 

    - One breast is bigger / smaller than the other,

    - After breast cancer,

    - To correct the loss in breast volume after pregnancy,

    - The aging implants of previously placed breast implants, loss of feature, etc. reasons,

    - To eliminate disproportionate body lines, especially to correct breast-hip ratio and

    - It can be done to enlarge the breasts of people who are not satisfied with the breast size.

    Breast Augmentation for Proportional Body Lines


    The perception of beauty varied over the ages. Today’s perception of beauty is known to everyone.
    But no matter how the perception of beauty changes, proportional body lines have always been important. Body lines appear more curvy and tidy after breast augmentation. shoulder and hip neck are gained a more curvaceous appearance and the person’s waist looks thinner with the appropriate prosthesis

    Surgeries are not mandatory for health. But if the patient is uncomfortable with his own breast size and this disrupts his psychology? If the person feels selfless and unhappy? In this case, can we say that it is not compulsory for breast enlargement in terms of health? As a result, breast augmentation surgery may be important for the psychological health of the person, if it is not necessary for physical health.

    Before The Surgery


    Before breast augmentation surgery, the patient is examined by the doctor.
    The order of examination is decided on the size, appearance and appearance of the patient’s breast.
    The most suitable option is determined for the patient.

    There are some factors to be considered in order for the operation to be successful. Things to consider before breast augmentation:

    - The patient should describe his health history completely.

    - If there is a medicine he uses regularly, he should inform the doctor about this medicine.

    - Drugs that have blood-thinning effects should not be used some time before the operation.

    - Smoking should be interrupted a few weeks before surgery.

    - Clothing that can be worn comfortably on the day of surgery should be preferred.

    - If possible, do not come alone on the day of surgery.

    How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed ?


    Breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. The operation time is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

    The breast implant can be placed in 3 ways.

    1. By making an incision from the fold under the breast

    2. Making an incision under the arm

    3. Making an incision around the nipple

    After the incision is made, your doctor will perform the necessary procedures and place the implant. After the implant is placed, the incision is closed with stitches. In order to minimize scar formation and not to see the scar, it is very important to select an incision site.

    Breast Augmentation

    Does Pain Happen After Breast Augmentation Surgery ?


    Having surgery can worry about pain. Patients do not feel pain during surgery. After the operation, a feeling of tension rather than pain is experienced. The pain is mostly felt with minor intensity. Doctors give painkillers for pain. Using these painkillers is usually sufficient. In addition, edema may occur after breast augmentation. Edema gradually decreases over time.

    After The Surgery


    - You can go home on the day of surgery or the next day.

    - Usually the first 4 days are spent resting at home. Mild pain may be felt during this time.

    - It can disturb feeling until fullness.

    - The first days after the operation may be swelling. After the fourth day, swelling will begin to decrease.

    - It is natural to experience harps as the arms move after the operation. In order not to increase these pains, the arms should not be immobilized during the day. Arm movements that cannot be heavy (changing clothes, combing hair etc.) should be done.

    The healing process after surgery varies from person to person. People who want to overcome the healing process quickly and comfortably must follow the doctor’s instructions completely. Things to consider after breast augmentation:

    - Use medications given by your doctor after surgery. These medications help remove scars and heal the wound.

    - Avoid movements that will cause you to overuse the arms and chest muscles after surgery.

    - Avoid sports such as tennis, especially in the first 4 weeks after breast augmentation.

    - Do not go to sauna, solarium, steam bath and pool for the first 2 months.

    - Use sports bras that will reduce breast movements after surgery.

    - Do not lie on your back for the first two weeks after surgery.

    - Do not drive for the first 7 days after breast growth surgery.


    Before you decide to have an operation, it is useful to know these:

    - The breast implant does not prevent breast sagging. Breast augmentation should be performed in addition to breast augmentation to improve the sagging breast appearance.

    - The life of the breast implants is about 10 years. It is a rare condition that the implant leaks or ruptures after the operation.

    - Weight gained and lost after surgery may cause changes in breast image. The breast image may also change with age.

    - Health insurances do not usually cover a breast implant. Breast augmentation surgeries are not covered by insurance if it is medically necessary.

    - In some cases, drains can be placed in the breast tissue. Resists are usually easily removed one day later.


    Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Risky ?


    Like any surgery, breast augmentation has some risks. The main risks of breast surgery are:

    - Infection,
    - Risks arising from anesthesia,
    - Changes in nipple and breast sensation,
    - Breast pain,
    - Scar tissue that distorts the shape of the breast implant,
    - Implant leak or rupture.

    These risks are very unlikely in surgeries performed in a fully equipped hospital by a successful surgeon.
    Breast augmentation surgeries are successfully performed in Estheticana. Contact us for online and face-to-face meetings and to learn about breast augmentation prices.




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