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    Hair Transplant for Thinning Hair

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    Hair loss or hair thinning is usually caused by hormonal or genetic reasons. Hair transplant for thinning hair is a great solution. You can restore your sparse hair to its old appearance thanks to hair transplantation techniques. Hair transplant for thinning hair allows you to have natural and fuller hair.

    Hair transplantation methods preferred by people with thinning hair are usually FUE and DHI techniques. In hair transplantation treatment for thinning hair, the area to be transplanted does not need to be completely bald. Hair transplant doctors determine the thinning hair areas and then start the transplant process.

    Why is Our Hair Thinning?

    The problem of thinning hair, which occurs in almost everyone, affects people’s lives negatively. As the hairline falls back, thinning occurs in the hair over time. We can easily say that these thinnings are caused by genetics, hormonal, irregular nutrition, stress, misused cosmetic products.

    Hair loss and thinning can affect your hair growth cycle, especially factors such as stress can cause a lot of thinning hair. Stress affects a large part of our health. It affects not only our hair but also our whole body health negatively. There is a small number of thinning in our hair at first, and then an increase occurs. We need to go to a specialist doctor immediately. A lot of hair loss should not bother you because, with the new generation of technology, you can easily prevent it. Hair transplant for thinning hair is highly preferred by patients. Hair transplant specialists also recommend hair transplant treatment for thinning hair because this treatment method is not temporary but permanent and you get the results in a few months. Your hair will regain its natural and fuller appearance.

    What are The Different Hair Loss and Hair Thinning?

    Hair loss means that the hair decreases over time depending on the scalp. On average, a person loses between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day, which is completely normal. Hair loss is not only due to hormonal or genetic factors. At the same time, combing our hair too much during the day, using hair dye or hair stylers cause hair loss. In such cases, we immediately get worried, we do various cure treatments to restore our hair, but sometimes we are too late for this.

    Can You Do Hair Transplant On Thinning Hair

    People with thin hair strands can have hair transplantation. Slightly more grafts are spent than people with thick hair. However, you will have permanent and full hair in the other length. Having thin hair does not pose a problem for hair transplantation.

    Thinning Hair Women

    Thinning hair women can occur not only in the top of the hair but also in many areas. In this case, hair transplantation treatment is recommended for thinning hair. In hair transplantation, hair follicles are usually collected from the scalp, but in women with hair thinning, the necessary hair follicles cannot be collected, so they are taken from other parts of the body. Contact us for detailed information about hair transplant for thinning hair.

    Thinning Hair Men

    Hair transplantation can be performed on men just like women. Thinning hair men is seen as a problem.  Both shedding and thinning can occur on the back and sides of the heads of men. Hair transplant treatment for thinning hair in men is recommended by doctors. Many male patients apply for hair transplant treatment. Within a few months, the hair follicles will start to grow and you will get great results. Contact us for detailed information about hair transplant for thinning hair and click on the best treatment for thinning hair male.

    What Techniques are Used in Hair Transplant for Thinning Hair?

    As in other procedures, grafts are taken one by one and sutured in the same way. For this, FUE and DHI techniques are generally preferred. This situation varies according to the thinning hair and condition of the patient.

    Hair Grow After Thinning Hair Transplantation

    A few months after the hair transplantation, the thinning hair of your hair will disappear and you will have a fuller apperance. You shoud follow to advice of your doctor. Your hair will grow back permanently.

    There are a lot of hair transplantation techniques for thinning hair in our clinic. Generally,  DHI and Fue techniques are used by our patients. You can contact us for get information about thinning hair transplantation.


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