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    Skin begins to sag under the influence of decreased muscle tissue, sunlight, gravity and aging. The skin becomes abundant and skin wrinkles begin to increase. When elastin fiber and collagen production decreases, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and vitality.


    What is Facelift Surgery ?


    To better understand this surgery, you can think of the skin as a fabric. What do you do if your fabric is too big for the pillow? You cut out the excess amount from the edge of the pillow, right? Of course, things are not that simple. Facial anatomy is more complicated than it looks from the outside. The surgery has many details. But the basic procedure performed during the operation is a cut at the border where the cheek and ear meet. The skin on the cheek is removed with the skin. This cut continues into the scalp and behind the ear. With this surgery, especially the sagging of the neck is removed quite well. The operation time is 2.5 – 4 hours on average.


    Skin begins to sag under the influence of decreased muscle tissue, sunlight, gravity and aging. The skin becomes abundant and skin wrinkles begin to increase. When elastin fiber and collagen production decreases, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and vitality. Cell renewal rate slows down. This happens faster, especially in areas that are more exposed to sunlight.

    The following deformities can be observed with aging:

    - Sagging in the eyelids

    - Tickle under the chin

    - Deep line from nose to lip corner

    - Double chin appearance on the neck

    - Sagging in the middle face (sides of the nose and cheekbones)

    - Deep lines on forehead and lower eyelid

    It is not possible to stop aging. However, the effects of aging can be reduced and the person may have a younger appearance.  Facelift surgeriesare performed to reduce the effects of aging to make 

    Who Can Have Facelift Surgery ?


    The limit for this surgery is usually 50 years old. People over the age of 50 get very good results from this surgery. The people who have previously wrinkled may also have this surgery at an early age.

    If you are wondering how your skin will look after the surgery, pull your cheeks towards your ears in front of the mirror. This more tense image makes you have an idea of​​the results you will achieve after surgery.

    Will There Be a Scar After Facelift Surgery ?


    During the surgery, the incisions are made on the front and back of the ear. Some traces remain in these regions due to cutting. If the cut in front of the ear is made through the ear, most of the leave remains in the ear. Therefore, it is invisible from the outside. The cut made behind the ear is not visible as it will remain in the scalp.

    What is Mini Facelift ?


    If the cuts made in the surgery are done only in front of the ear and the stretching is done less, this is called mini facelift surgery. The advantage of mini facelift surgery is that the recovery is faster and the cut scar is less. Disadvantage is that the operations are smaller, so the surgery also gives small results. If your skin has a low degree of sagging, you can have this surgery. But if your face has wrinkles, mini facelift surgery will not give you the desired results. To get a good result, you need to have facelift surgery.

    Mini facelift surgeries are rarely performed. Although the word mini sounds better, facelift surgeries are more preferred in terms of the results obtained.

    Before Facelift Surgery


    The patient undergoes a medical examination. After the examination, if the patient’s health condition facelift surgery is appropriate, the operation phase is started.

    Things to consider before the operation:

    - The patient should describe his health history completely.

    - If there are medications he uses regularly, he must report them.

    - The patient must have stopped using alcohol and cigarettes some time before surgery.

    - Blood thinners and multi-vitamins should be suspended before surgery.

    When you contact our clinic for facelift surgery, our expert patient advisors will tell you in detail what should be done before surgery

    Results After Facelift Surgery


    You may have some swelling on your face or a bruise on your neck after surgery. These are great there at the end of the first week. There is no need to be hospitalized after the operation. However, the next day, it is necessary to come to the hospital to remove the drains.

    The first few days after the operation should be rested at home. You can usually wash it three days after surgery. and you can go back to work after a week.

    The anterior ear sutures are usually removed on the 5th day, and the sutures behind the ear on the 7th day.

    Slight pain may occur for the first few days after the operation. Painkillers to be given by the doctor will be sufficient for these pains.

    You can start taking long walks 2 weeks after the operation. And you can start heavy sports gradually after 3 weeks. Sports that are likely to be hit against the face, such as basketball, are strictly prohibited in the first month.

    It takes a few weeks after your surgery to take your final shape. When you touch it, you may feel slight stiffness in front of your ears. It takes about 3 months for these hardnesses to pass.

    Is Facelift Surgery Risky ?


    Some of the risks and side effects encountered during surgery:

    The probability of serious bleeding during surgery is close to zero. However, the smallest blood accumulation can cause aesthetic problems. For this reason, it is very important to install a drain after surgery. Drain is a vehicle that absorbs fluid deposits under the skin.

    Infection is one of the rare complications seen after surgery. A serious infection is extremely rare in facelift surgeries.

    Smoking after surgery damages your skin. During the operation, the skin is removed in a thin layer. It is reliable that the blood circulation in the skin will nourish the skin. Smoking prevents blood circulation. If the skin does not get enough blood circulation, it starts from the closest to the ear and undergoes a purple – black color change. This causes a delay in recovery and an increase in remaining leave in that area.

    Post-operative scalp numbness and hair loss are also rarely seen. But this is temporary. The hair that falls out reappears and the numbness passes in a short time.

    You can contact us to get detailed information about facelift surgeries and tolearn facelift prices or you can expect us to contact you by filling out the contact form








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