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    Female Hair Transplant


    When it comes to hair transplant, the first men come to mind. Many people even think that hair transplant is only for men. But hair transplant can be done to women just as it is done to men. What is curious about hair transplant for female is in this article.

    Female Hair Transplant

    Hair loss and permanent hair loss is a condition that nobody wants to live. This situation causes more trouble for women than men. As a result of the studies on this subject, it is seen that women are unhappy in hair loss, and women feel the feelings of fear and shame in the face of this situation. Attempts to camouflage the spilled areas constantly exhaust the person and affect the mood negatively.

    Hair Loss in Women and Causes


    Women’s hair may fall out for very good reasons. Some of these reasons are;
    - Not enought feeding,
    - Iron deficiency,
    - Hormonal irregularities,
    - Pregnancy,
    - Seasonal changes,
    - Stress,
    - Heavy diet applications,
    - Autoimmune diseases,
    - Genetic predisposition,
    - Menopause, 
    - Drug use and
    - Androgenetic Alopecia

    Hair is very important for women. Excessive hair loss is unbearable for almost all women. Hair loss affects the person both psychologically and aesthetically. With today’s treatment options, hair loss can be prevented to a great extent. However, when male pattern hair loss occurs, these treatment options may not work. The most ideal treatment option for women experiencing permanent hair loss is hair transplant.

    Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia in women is generally experienced as a decrease in forehead line or an opening in the top area. If your hair loss is experienced in these regions, you may consider having your hair transplant done.

    Female pattern hair loss shows similar characteristics with male pattern hair loss. However, it also has many different features. In women, it does not appear to be fully opened, as in men. In male pattern hair loss, the hairline goes back in time and the forehead opens. It is rarely seen in women. Hair loss is mostly seen as hair thinning. It is much easier to notice male pattern hair loss than to notice the female type.

    Androgenetic Alopecia in women generally follows 3 different shedding patterns:

    1. Localized (Regional): It is the hair loss seen as the opening and expansion of the hair separation line without widespread hair loss.

    2. Diffuse (Widespread): A rarity in all hair.

    3. Patterned (Male type): Pulling the hair back from the forehead to the sides.

    The Definitive Solution of Permanent Hair Loss: Hair Transplant


    Hair transplant provides permanent solution to hair loss. Hair follicles taken from areas that are resistant to loss are transplanted to hairless areas. This operation gives very successful results in case there is enough hair in the donor area. Hair transplant is ideal for women who experience permanent or regional hair loss.

    As a result of accidents or burns, some of the hair can be lost permanently. In these cases, hair transplant is successfully carried out.

    Personal planning should be done for women in hair transplant. If hair transplant will be done on the front hairline, the front hairline design should be designed in accordance with the person’s facial contours. Hair transplant with a specialist will give natural and successful results. In Estheticana, we make personal plans for hair transplant for women and carry out the hair transplant operation with our expert team. We increase the success of the operation with the latest technology tools we use. Contact us to get information about hair transplant for female in our clinic and to see our special plan.


    How Does a Female Hair Transplant Work ?


    In fact, hair transplant operations for women are not different from operations for men.

    Hair transplant has become much more comfortable for the patient with the developing technology.

    In hair transplant, hair follicles are collected from the donor area. These hair follicles are transplanted to balding areas.

    Hair transplant can sometimes be alarming for women. Women are afraid of scraping their hair before hair transplant, like hair transplant operations for men. However, women do not need to completely scrape the hair.

    In hair transplant for female, hair follicles are usually collected from an area determined in the donor area, ie the nape region. At this time, it is not necessary to remove all of the hair. The fact that hair transplant can be done without shaving has now made it more preferable for women.

    The hair to be transplanted in the Fue hair attachment technique is collected one by one. Small channels are opened to place these hair follicles in balding areas. These hair follicles collected in the opened blood are transplanted.

    Unshaven Hair Transplant for Female


    It is possible to perform hair transplant without shaving with the unshaved hair transplant technique. This method is preferred due to the long hair of women.

    In short, hair transplant is also successfully done to women. For this, the cause of hair loss needs to be diagnosed correctly. By sending us your photos, you can have information about your hair loss with our patient advisors and you can learn what to do for treatment free of charge. You can contact us to get more detailed information about hair transplant for female and to find out the prices of hair transplant for women.

    Process After Hair Transplant For Women


    The process after hair transplant to women is almost the same as in men. Women cannot stay in the hospital after hair transplant and return to their home or hotel. The next day, we come back to the clinic for dressing. Swelling, redness, itching and crusting are seen in the areas operated in the first week. This situation is quite normal and disappears in a short time.

    Usually, the first wash is carried out on the 3rd day. Since the first wash is very important, it is done in the hair transplant clinic. Other washing can be done by the patient. Since hair transplant is done with unshaved technique, quite care should be taken when washing the hair after the operation. Newly transplanted hair follicles can be easily damaged during hair washing. In order to avoid this, you should follow the instructions given by your doctor and patient counselor about washing. The main points to be considered during hair washing after hair transplant are:

    • You should also take care that the water is not too pressurized.

    • You should not use chemical-containing care products on your hair that are not within the knowledge of the doctor.

    • Too hot or too cold water should not be used when washing hair.

    • You should treat your hair gently while drying.

    In hair transplant, after 2-3 weeks, the stage called hair loss is started. The hair transplanted at this stage begins to shed new hair follicles. This hair transplant is a stage seen in almost everyone. You don’t have to worry about your hair falling out during this phase. Healthier hair will grow out of your shed hair.

    Generally, after 7-8 months, hair grows thicker and starts to thicken. The final results are obtained 1 year after hair transplant.

    Hair transplant operations for women are successfully carried out in Estheticana. Contact us to discuss hair transplantation costs for women and get free information and support about the operation process.




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