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    Dental Implants


    Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, significant developments took place in the field of dentistry. As an alternative to traditional methods, dental implant treatment has been developed.

    Dental Implants

    Lack of teeth is a problem that nobody wants to be exposed to. It both makes feeding difficult and negatively affects the appearance. There are various treatments used to treat tooth deficiency. This treatment is the most preferred of these treatments. With dental implant treatment, the closest appearance to natural teeth is achieved. Implants, like other treatment methods, do not prevent the person from talking or eating.

    What is Dental Implant ?


    The implant is a lifeless substance combined with living tissue. It is the replacement of the titanium material to the missing teeth. It is one of the best treatments for missing teeth today. It is used to replace missing teeth. To be suitable for implant treatment, the bone structure of the missing tooth is important. The bone structure of the patient can be examined with tools such as tomography or x-ray.

    Implant is used in the treatment of missing teeth. These implants use screws made of titanium or zircon, which the human body accepts as if it were their own part. These screws are placed inside the jaw bone and act as tooth root. The prosthesis is adapted to the mouth with additional parts placed on the screws.

    How are Dental Implants Made ?


    In the treatment of dental implants, a personalized treatment plan is created first. Necessary examinations are made before the operation. Jaw bones and teeth are measured. Implant treatment can be performed by giving the patient sedation or under local anesthesia.

    In the implant, a gap is opened in the bone so that titanium material can be placed in the non-dental area. Implant is placed in this gap. It should take a while for this material, which looks like a screw, to fuse with the bone. During this period, the patient does not want to appear with missing teeth. Therefore, temporary teeth are worn until the materials fuse with the bone. When the material fuses with the bone, the gum is opened. Practice prosthesis is attached. In about 7 days, the gum gets used to prosthetics. In the last step, permanent teeth are prepared. The prepared permanent tooth is attached to the implant.

    Your dentist matches the color of your new teeth with your natural tooth color. Your new teeth look like your own natural teeth, as the implants are fixed to the jaw bone. The duration of the operation varies according to how many implants will be inserted.

    Dental Implants

    Do Dental Implants Hurt ?


    Dental implant treatment is done with local anesthesia or sedation. Pain sensation is low during the operation. Slight pains may be felt after the effect of anesthesia has passed. For these pains, painkillers usually given by the doctor are sufficient.

    Implant treatment should be done by a specialist dentist. It is important that the dentist who will perform the operation is an expert in the field in order to minimize damage to the teeth, gums and mouth during the procedure, and to avoid pain.

    Who Can Apply Dental Implant Treatment ?


    Implant treatment can be performed for anyone with a suitable health condition and sufficient bone volume. In order to make a implant, the patient’s jawbone must be intact.

    The treatment can be done in case of one or more teeth deficiency. The treatment can be done when all the teeth in the mouth are lost. Contact us for a full mouth dental implant treatment.

    Implant treatment is applied to people who have completed facial and jaw development. With the x-rays taken before the treatment, it is determined whether the jaw structure of the person is suitable for the implant.

    Those who use blood thinners should stop these medications before treatment. Those with bone resorption can be implant treatment after appropriate treatment. People with diabetes should have their illnesses in order before treatment.

    Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment


    - Dental implant does not harm neighboring teeth.
    - When performing this treatment, neighboring teeth do not need to be cut.
    - The implant acts as tooth root. It is quite durable.
    - Implant can be used like natural teeth.
    - With the implant, food can be eaten, spoken and laughed easily.
    - Dental implant looks like your own natural teeth.
    - They are permanent because they are designed to fuse with bone.
    - Dental implant allows you to speak without worrying that your teeth will slip.
    - Allows better bite force than conventional dentures.
    - Implants prevent problems encountered in the removal of dentures.

    How is Dental Implant Care After Treatment ?


    Oral dental hygiene should be considered after dental implant treatment. In addition to routine oral care, the area or areas where the implant is applied should be cleaned using the dentist-recommended interface brushes, special dental floss and mouth showers.

    Another important point is to go to the controls regularly. Your patient advisor and dentist will make the most accurate guidance after the procedure.

    Are Dental Implants Risky ?


    A successful dental implant treatment has no harm. The materials used in dental implant treatment are safe. However, diabetes and high blood pressure patients should consult their doctor before implant treatment. The risks that may occur while making dental implants are very low. However, as with any treatment, this treatment method has side effects and risks. Some of these risks are:

    - Ache,
    - Nerve damage,
    - Infection and
    - Numbness.

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