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    Before The Operation


    Those who want to be treated in the fields of hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery should have sufficient knowledge before the operation. This prevents the patient from getting through the operation process in the best way and an unexpected situation.

    Before The Operation


    Hair Transplant

    The research after deciding to have hair transplant before and after hair transplant is a period of approximately 1 year, after the hair transplant operation and the hair to be finalized after the operation. In this process, examining the hair transplant photos allows the patient to have an idea of​​how he would look between those dates. However, you should keep in mind that healing processes can vary from person to person as everyone’s metabolism and recovery rate are different.

    Especially by looking at the photos before and after hair transplant, you can have information about how the hair will look in the process step by step

    Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

    • Before hair transplant, the patient is asked to fully explain his health status. If there are medications he uses regularly, these medicines are learned.
    • Before the operation, blood thinners, etc. the use of drugs should be interrupted.
    • Smoking increases the risks that may occur during the operation. It also negatively affects the healing process after hair transplant. Therefore, smoking and alcohol use should be interrupted some time before the procedure.
    • Before hair transplant, the patient is examined by the doctor. Various tests are done to the patient. The purpose of these tests is to understand whether the patient’s state of health is suitable for hair transplant.
    • If the patient’s health condition is suitable for hair transplant, the planning phase is started. At this stage, the patient’s hair is analyzed. Hair structure and hair density are examined. Donor region is decided. It is decided how many grafts should be transplanted to the balding areas.
    • The patient’s hair loss is at the front and the front hairline is designed. It is important to design the front hairline in accordance with the patient’s face shape. The aesthetic view of the doctor who makes this design is very important.
    • When the design and planning phase ends, the hair transplant phase is started.

    Before Plastic Surgery and Dental Treatment


    There are some factors to be considered before plastic surgery and dental treatments as well as before hair transplant. Your doctor will explain what you should pay attention to according to the operation. You can contact our doctors to learn the best treatment method for you. Thanks to the consultations to be carried out by our specialists, we create a treatment plan for you. We explain the things to be done before the treatment, on the day of operation and after.

    8 Questions You Should Ask Before The Operation

    Hair Transplant in Estheticana


    Estheticana offers you first quality treatment in accordance with international standards. We serve in accordance with all hygiene rules in our clinic. We bring together our experienced healthcare teams and people who want to have a hair transplant and take special care of our patients. We only accept a certain number of patients during the day in order to be able to take care of our patients in more detail and to devote more time to them. If you want to join these few lucky patients, call us.

    We offer a variety of medical treatment packages to patients. Whichever package you choose, the maximum number of grafts will be provided for hair transplant. Our packages are specially created for treatment and contain all the procedures you need for hair transplant. Our packages include accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels, transfer services to the airport and from the hotel to the clinic. Visit this page to learn about hair transplant packages in Estheticana.

    To get information about our treatments and to receive online – face to face consultation, all you need to do is fill out the contact form. Then our expert patient coordinators will contact you as soon as possible. Our doctors will create a special treatment plan for you based on your medical condition and head pictures.




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