Before The Operation

Those who want to be treated in the fields of hair transplant, dental treatment and plastic surgery should have sufficient knowledge before the operation. This prevents the patient from getting through the operation process in the best way and an unexpected situation.

Before Hair Transplant

The research after deciding to have hair transplant before and after hair transplant is a period of approximately 1 year, after the hair transplant operation and the hair to be finalized after the operation. In this process, examining the hair transplant photos allows the patient to have an idea of​​how he would look between those dates. However, you should keep in mind that healing processes can vary from person to person as everyone’s metabolism and recovery rate are different.

Especially by looking at the photos before and after hair transplant, you can have information about how the hair will look in the process step by step.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

  • Before hair transplant, the patient is asked to fully explain his health status. If there are medications he uses regularly, these medicines are learned.
  • Before the operation, blood thinners, etc. the use of drugs should be interrupted.
  • Smoking increases the risks that may occur during the operation. It also negatively affects the healing process after hair transplant. Therefore, smoking and alcohol use should be interrupted some time before the procedure.
  • Before hair transplant, the patient is examined by the doctor. Various tests are done to the patient. The purpose of these tests is to understand whether the patient’s state of health is suitable for hair transplant.
  • If the patient’s health condition is suitable for hair transplant, the planning phase is started. At this stage, the patient’s hair is analyzed. Hair structure and hair density are examined. Donor region is decided. It is decided how many grafts should be transplanted to the balding areas.
  • The patient’s hair loss is at the front and the front hairline is designed. It is important to design the front hairline in accordance with the patient’s face shape. The aesthetic view of the doctor who makes this design is very important.
  • When the design and planning phase ends, the hair transplant phase is started.

Before Plastic Surgery and Dental Treatment

There are some factors to be considered before plastic surgery and dental treatments as well as before hair transplant. Your doctor will explain what you should pay attention to according to the operation. You can contact our doctors to learn the best treatment method for you. Thanks to the consultations to be carried out by our specialists, we create a treatment plan for you. We explain the things to be done before the treatment, on the day of operation and after.

8 Questions You Should Ask Before The Operation

We have put together the questions that should be asked before the operation for you to overcome your operation process easily and smoothly.

1. Is the Expert and Experienced in the Field of the Team to Operate?

Operations that do not fall out of the hands of a specialist doctor and team will fail. It is not enough for the doctor to be experienced only in hair transplant. Because hair transplant is a team work. Before the operation, you should check whether the team that will enter your hair transplant is experienced. An inexperienced team may result in the desired results in hair transplant and other operations.

2. Where will the Operation be Performed?

To keep costs low, some clinics operate in apartments or in rented rooms. But every surgical operation has a number of risks. A sudden complication may develop during the operation. You can safely perform your operation in our fully equipped hospital in case you encounter an unexpected situation during the procedure.

3. Am I Suitable for Hair Transplant?

If you are not satisfied with its appearance and want to look better, you are a suitable candidate for operation. Plastic surgery treatments, dental treatments and hair transplant operations can be performed for everyone whose health condition is appropriate.

Although most candidates considering hair transplant are suitable for hair transplant, some conditions can prevent hair transplant. Unfortunately, this operation may not be performed for patients whose health condition is not suitable for hair transplant.

Is it possible that hair transplant is not possible even if the health condition is appropriate? This question is also a frequently encountered question. A dense donor area is essential for successful hair transplant. Hair transplant may not give the desired results in patients who do not have enough hair in the donor area. Contact us for detailed information about the donor area in hair transplant.

4. How Will I Deal With You When I Come To The Clinic?

When you come to the hair transplant clinic, if there is no one who can speak in your language, how will you explain your problem? How will you understand the instructions to be given after hair transplant and the doctor’s recommendations? You need a counselor who can speak in your language in order to explain your problem and to make every stage correctly. You will not experience any language problems in Estheticana. Thanks to our patient coordinators who speak your language in our clinic, you will not experience any communication problems.

5. What are the things I should be aware of before the operation?

Each surgical operation has a number of risks. There are some points to be considered before the operation to minimize these risks.

  • The patient should tell his / her health history completely to the doctor. If he /she has regular medicines, he / she should tell the doctor.
  • Smoking and alcohol use should be interrupted some time before the operation. Because smoking increases the risk of complications that may occur during the operation.
  • Before the procedure, blood thinners, etc. medicines should not be used. If used, the use of these drugs should be interrupted.
  • It is recommended to wear clothes such as shirts that are easy to wear before the operation and that do not need to be in contact with the head while wearing.


6. Can I see Previously Successful Operations and Patient Comments?

You can have an idea about the process and the results by looking at the photos of the team that will perform the operation before and after the operations. You can learn the thoughts of those who had an operation in our clinic by reading the patient reviews on our site.

7. What is the Most Ideal Hair Transplant Technique for Me?

Hair transplant is a process that can be done with multiple different techniques. The most used techniques in hair transplant are FUE hair transplant technique, Sapphire FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant. Which of these techniques will be used varies from person to person. Contact us to decide the ideal hair transplant technique for you. We determine the most suitable hair transplant for you through online and face-to-face interviews with you.

8. Will I Follow Up After Operation?

The results are immediately visible after some operations. However, it may take some time for the results to appear after some operations. Hair transplant is not a process that results immediately after the operation. Hair transplant results cannot be seen until the healing process is completed after hair transplant. This process covers an average of 1 year. During this period, the patient must be followed. Good or bad developments in the patient should be monitored. Estheticana follows her patients until the recovery period ends. After the process is over, it communicates with the patient at certain intervals to find out if the patient is satisfied with their new hair.