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    Zirconium is one of the best quality products used in dental aesthetics. Factors such as natural tooth appearance, biological compatibility, mechanical and aesthetic resistance are taken into consideration in dental aesthetics. All of these factors are found in zirconium.


    How Is Zirconium

    Coating Made?

    Although zirconia coating steps vary from clinic to clinic, 90% is done in this way.

    -Local anesthesia is performed first so that no pain is felt during the procedure.

    -Teeth to be coated are reduced. Precise measurement is taken.

    -Temporary teeth are prepared. These teeth are temporarily adhered to the patient.

    -Zirconium teeth are determined in color.

    -Your zirconium coating teeth are prepared for an average of 3-5 days. This original zirconium tooth is temporarily bonded first. The reason for this is to intervene quickly if there is a problem.

    -If there is no problem during the use of temporary bonded teeth after 4-7 days, the teeth are permanently bonded.

    In order to use the coatings for a long time, you should follow what the doctor says and not disrupt your controls.

    Is Zirconium Compatible With Gums ?


    In the field of aesthetic dentistry, the portals with metal infrastructure are being avoided every day. With the development of technology, zirconium coating, which provides durability, texture compatibility, aesthetic and natural appearance, is preferred instead of metal infrastructure coatings.

    It is one of the best materials that can be applied to teeth. It fits very well into zirconium tissues. It is a healthier material compared to metal containing coatings. This treatment provides both durable and aesthetic results because it is tooth-colored and contains no metal. It can also be applied to people with metal

    For Which Teeth Zirconium (Coating) Is Used?


    -In teeth that can not get good results with whitening technique,
    -Repairing broken teeth,
    -Individuals whose teeth have been previously cut,
    -If the patient has a metal supported bridge – crown (coating),
    -To join split teeth (diastema closure),
    -Teeth with too much substance loss that cannot be filled,
    -People who do not prefer orthodontic treatment for straightening crooked and crooked teeth and
    -This is used to repair old fillings.

    Advantages of Zirconium Teeth Coating


    -Zirconia, the light transmittance of the tooth coating is very close to the light transmittance of the teeth. In this way, the coatings provide a natural appearance.
    -The compatibility of zirconium with gums is much higher than other coating types. While porcelain coatings on metal cause a purplish appearance in the gums, there is no such problem in this coating.
    -If you prefer zirconium, especially when getting your upper front teeth, you will have the closest look to nature.
    -Zirconia coatings are more compatible with the body.
    -Less tooth tissue is cut than the tooth to be made with the coating. In order to create a more natural image and reduce the image that will be reflected from metal, the dental tissue is cut more in metal-based porcelains.
    -Fewer cuts in the teeth provide less cold and hot sensitivity.
    -If single tooth coating is to be made, zirconium, which is very difficult to distinguish from natural teeth, is preferred.
    -Metal substrate porcelain coatings create an opaque appearance on the tooth. This causes the teeth to look artificial and lifeless. Such a problem does not arise in zirconium coating.
    -This treatment does not cause gingival recession and false brushing etc. It does not create a bad image in gingival recesses.
    -It can be used in people with metal allergies.
    -It does not cause a change in taste in the mouth.
    -Thanks to its smooth structure, there is no accumulation of plaque. It is not affected by coloring foods such as cigarettes, tea or coffee. Its color remains as applied.
    -It is easy to maintain. Coated teeth are brushed like normal teeth.
    -When zirconium coatings are removed, it does not cause loss of tissue in the teeth.
    -There is not much pain during and after the operation. There may be slight whining after the procedure.
    -The coating can be made at any age. However, it is not recommended to be done before the age of 18, when the development is not fully completed.


    Disadvantages of Zirconium Coatings?


    -Zirconium dental coating is more expensive than other types of coating.
    -Zirconium bridges are not preferred because they are more fragile than traditional porcelain in cases where there are long tread gaps.

    Zirconium Teeth Coating Prices


    Zirconia dental coating prices vary from country to country. Zirconium coating prices in Turkey is very convenient. Prices may vary not only by country, but also by city. If you want to have zirconia coating in Istanbul, you can call us.

    Zirconium coating prices vary according to the number of teeth to be covered. If a single tooth will be covered, the prices will be more affordable. If more than one tooth will be covered, prices may increase according to the number of teeth.

    Estheticana successfully carries out dental coatings. You can also contact us if you want to learn about dental coating prices and have one-to-one and face-to-face online information about dental coating.




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