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    Teeth Whitening


    White teeth are one of the most important factors that affect one’s appearance and increase self-confidence. With the developing technology, they may not be satisfied with the tooth color, they can smile thanks to this process.

    Teeth Whitening

    What is Teeth Whitening?

    Briefly, teeth whitening is the process of whitening the tooth color. With teeth teeth bleaching, the patient’s tooth color can be lightened a few shades or more.

    People who have healthy teeth and gums can be whitened. If the patient’s teeth and gums are not healthy, teeth whitening is not performed. Before the teeth and gums are treated, then the teeth teeth bleaching process is started.

    Causes of Color Changes in Teeth


    One of the most important issues in dental aesthetics is tooth whiteness. Color changes in teeth can occur for different reasons. Some of these factors are:

    -Failure to provide proper oral care,
    -Painted drinks,
    -Red wine and
    -Some medicines used,

    In addition to the habits that cause color changes in your teeth, this can cause your teeth to turn yellow if you do not brush your teeth properly.

    Do Whitening Toothpastes Damage Teeth?


    Toothpastes, which are claimed to be whitening teeth recently, are quite popular. Especially people with excessive yellowing of the teeth or those who smoke too much resort to these and similar solutions. Toothpastes with whitening properties cause tooth enamel damage in continuous use. Instead of looking for a solution with products that have a whitening effect, you can have a more permanent and healthier whiteness by applying to the dentist.

    How To Teeth Whitening?


    Everyone has an inborn tooth color. In teeth whitening, a few shades of tooth lighten. tooth whitening is not just an operation with aesthetic concerns. Teeth whitening is also a technique used to correct color distortions caused by tooth structure.

    While the dentist whitens the teeth, it does not only whiten the color of the teeth. It cleans the calculus and removes the stains on the teeth. Thus, both your gums and teeth get a better appearance. Professional teeth care is done before teeth teeth bleaching. The patient’s teeth are cleaned and polished. Before starting the procedure, the color of the patient’s teeth is determined and the teeth are photographed. Before the procedure, a protector is applied to prevent damage to the gums.

    Teeth whitening function can be done using different techniques. In the first technique, the dentist applies a gel over the teeth. After an average of 1 hour, the teeth whiten 3 – 4 tons. Not everyone who does this procedure will have the same level of teeth teeth bleaching. People who have a transparent and high gray shade may not have 3-4 tons of whitening. Although how many sessions of treatment will vary from person to person, usually 2-3 sessions are sufficient. The patient should avoid foods and beverages that can color their teeth between sessions.

    In another tooth whitening, gels given by the dentist apply on average 8 hours daily in the patient’s home. The patient’s teeth are whites within a maximum of 8 days. This whitening technique is called home bleaching.

    If your tooth contains porcelain, filler, coating, etc. if any, they are not affected by bleaching. Teeth teeth bleaching is only effective on your own teeth.

    Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?


    Everyone wants to have white teeth. If you want to whiten teeth while maintaining dental health, you should definitely consult a dentist.

    You should know that whitening gels are safe products. The damages of whitening are wondered. Teeth whitening process applied in appropriate conditions and techniques is quite harmless. However, unconsciously used teeth whitening products significantly increase tooth sensitivity. Your teeth are too important to be entrusted to untrustworthy people.

    Pregnant women should not be whitened teeth. This treatment is not only applied to pregnant women, but also to those who have a disease that will prevent the whitening process.

    After Teeth Whitening


    -The whiteness obtained as a result ofteeth whiteninglasts an average of 2 – 3 years. This time may be less in people who consume a lot of coffee, tea and cigarettes.
    -In order for the teeth whitening process to be permanent, the patient should pay attention to oral hygiene.
    -Sensitivity to hot and cold foods may occurafter tooth whitening. This sensitivity is reduced with fluoride and desensitizing pastes.
    -The first week after the procedure is very important. During this period, extra attention should be paid to the patient’s teeth.
    -Treatment can be supported with whitening toothpastes.

    Teeth Whitening in Turkey


    Health tourism in Turkey is among the most preferred countries. The number of people coming to the country for dental treatments is increasing every year. The most remarkable treatment method among dental treatments is teeth whitening. One of the most important reasons is that it is quite affordable prices in Turkey. Is quite successful dentist in Turkey, another important reason.

    The first choice of those who want to make the teeth whitening process in Turkey is Istanbul. Even if Istanbul is not the capital of the country, it is the most crowded and most important city. The city also attracts attention with its geographical location. It is only a few hours away from many countries, especially in the European continent.


    Estheticana provides services in the fields of dental treatments, plastic surgery and hair transplantation with its experienced staff and state-of-the-art tools. Call us to find out about teeth whitening prices and get face to face consultation about teeth whitening.




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