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    With overweight, almost everyone is in trouble. Sitting and working constantly and immobility also brings weight problems. When you add stress and malnutrition to this, you have a body that is prone to gaining weight. Sport and diet become part of one’s life to get rid of excess weight.


    What is Liposuction ?


    The operation to get rid of excess fat in the body is called liposuction. It is performed under general anesthesia of the liposuction. The patient does not feel pain during the operation. It is applied to people who have lost weight or are not overweight but have excess fat in some parts of their body.

    It is an operation to remove stubborn fat from the body that does not go despite diet and regular exercises. Regional oils are taken with this surgery and the person’s body is shaped. People who have less to reach their ideal weight are eliminated from their formal defects, thus enabling them to have a more curvaceous and more pleasant body.

    Liposuction Surgery


    With this surgery, not only fats that accumulate under the skin are removed. But collagen production in the skin is also increased. In this way, the skin looks more tense and younger.

    Liposuction is quite an easy operation. Local or general anesthesia is performed before the operation. The patient does not feel any pain during the operation. Operation time varies according to the number of areas to be made and the amount of fat to be taken. Fats are taken from the region by making very small incisions in liposuction surgery.

    Who is Liposuction Applied To ?


    For liposuction, the patient’s state of health should be appropriate for the operation. The liposuction is not an operation that allows people with obesity to weaken. People with obesity problems should lose weight before taking it. Because the purpose of liposuction is not to get slim body, but to eliminate regional fat deposits and to provide the patient with more proportional body lines.

    One of the criteria for making liposuction is the skin feature. In people with impaired skin elasticity, surgery is not enough. These people need to have abdominoplasty surgery. With abdominoplasty surgery, both excess fat and sagging skin are removed. The person will have more tense skin.

    This surgery can be applied to everyone regardless of gender. 

    - Those who have fat accumulation that causes regional deformity in their body,
    - Treatment of gynecomastia, known as breast enlargement in men,
    - Those who cannot get rid of whatever they do in their regional oil,
    - For those who want to have a more curved body structure,
    - It can be made for those who want to have a more fit body with a finishing touch after weakening.

    Liposuction is Applied to Which Regions ?


    The most common areas where liposuction is made :

    - Base,
    - Neck,
    - Abdomen and waist circumference,
    - Faces of the knees facing each other,
    - Hips,
    - Ankles,
    - Breast (Male and female),
    - Inside and outside side of the thigh,
    - Upper arms and
    - Leg parts below the knee.



    Healing Process After Liposuction


    Bandages are applied to the areas treated after the operation. Bandage remains for 4 – 5 days. The first dressing after the operation is done on the 3rd day. Bruises and swellings may occur in the first days after the operation. These pass in a short time. You can return to work after an average of 3 – 7 days depending on the number of regions where the surgery will be performed. It takes 3 months for the surgical results to be seen clearly.

    Things to Consider After Liposuction


    - Heavy sports and difficult physical movements should be avoided especially in the first weeks after liposuction.

    - You should use the corset and compression bandage provided by your doctor for the specified time. In this way, the leather adapts better to the new one.

    - You should stay away from oil, sugar and salt and drink plenty of water for faster edema.

    - Fat cells taken after surgery do not come back. However, excessive calorie consumption of the patient may cause the remaining fat cells to increase in volume. For this reason, exercise should be exercised and careful nutrition should be taken to protect the results after liposuction

    Is Liposuction Harmful ?


    The surgery does not fall under the serious surgery category. If the patient does not have a serious illness, it is not considered a risky operation. Nevertheless, as with any surgical operation, there are some risks and side effects in liposuction. Some of them are :

    - Risks arising from anesthesia,
    - Bleeding,
    - Curl on the skin surface,
    - Infection,
    - Blood accumulation under the skin,
    - Temporary loss of sensation,
    - Embolism,
    - Perforation of the abdominal wall,
    - Skin loss due to inadequate operation of the veins; and
    - Loosening due to the skin not getting enough itself.

    Estheticana successfully performs liposuction surgeries with its expert staff. For more detailed information about surgery and to learn about liposuction pricescontact us immediately.




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