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    Eyebrow Transplant Costs

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     Hair loss is a common problem. Well, can we say the same about eyebrow shedding? Most people do not know enough about eyebrow loss. The eyebrow loss problem has increased a lot in recent years. Eyebrows may fall for different reasons. Incorrect eyebrow picking, accidents, stress and used care products can cause eyebrow loss. If you are looking for a solution for lost eyebrows, we recommend eyebrow transplantation. So, how is eyebrow transplantation done? How much are eyebrow transplant costs?

    How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?

    Eyebrow transplantation is done similarly to hair transplantation. Eyebrow shape suitable for the patient is designed in eyebrow transplantation. Attention should be paid to the patient’s face shape, hair structure, eyebrow color, gender, age and wishes while designing the eyebrow shape.

    The operation is performed under local anesthesia. In this way, no pain is felt during the procedure. You can visit This page to learn more about painless eyebrow transplantation. In the operation, hair follicles are collected from the donor area  Microchannels are opened to the area where the eyebrows will be transplanted (this step is not required in the DHI technique). Then the collected hair follicles are transferred to the areas without eyebrows. 

    The operation does not take as long as a hair transplant. The results of the hair transplant operation to be performed by the specialist surgeon and his team will look 100% natural.

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    How Much Are Eyebrow Transplant Costs?

    First of all, you should remember that this price will be different in every hair transplant clinic. Prices vary from country to country. Eyebrow transplant costs in USA with eyebrow transplantation prices in Turkey are not the same.

    Average eyebrow transplant prices in the US are between $ 3,000 and $ 6,000. The average eyebrow transplant costs in the UK is £ 4,000. Prices are much lower in Turkey.  The average price of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is between $ 750 and $ 2,400.

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    Eyebrow Transplant Prices in Turkey 

    You can contact us to find out their prices for eyebrow hair transplantation in Turkey. To do this, just fill in the contact form at this address. After you fill out the contact form, our expert patient coordinators will contact you. We will create a special treatment plan for you with online and face-to-face meetings you.

    Am I Suitable For Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

     Eyebrow transplantation can be performed if there is eyebrow loss, burn scar, sparseness or scar on the eyebrows.

     Eyebrow Loss: This treatment method is ideal for those who experience eyebrow loss. If your eyebrows are falling out and you do not have new eyebrows replaced, the best solution for you is hair transplantation.

     Sparse Eyebrows: People who have congenital eyebrow thinning can have their eyebrows thicker with eyebrow transplant. With eyebrow transplantation, you can have more dense and bushy eyebrows.

     Scar: Those who have traces on their eyebrows can close this scar with eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is also recommended for those who lose their eyebrows after burns. With eyebrow transplantation, the surgical scar in the eyebrow area can also be closed.

     Covering Permanent Makeup: Those who have permanent make-up may regret this procedure later. Permanent eyebrow makeup can be closed with eyebrow transplantation.

     Eyebrow Loss as a Result of Ringworm: Ringworm can cause eyebrow spills. The problem may be caused by stress and boredom. Regardless of the reason, if the problem of ringworm your experience does not improve, we recommend that you have eyebrow transplantation.

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