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    Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

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    Everything you wonder about eyebrow transplant in Turkey in this article… 

    Eyebrows are very effective in changing the expression of the face. With the development of the cosmetic sector, many treatment methods have emerged for people who have sparse eyebrows, lost eyebrows or do not grow eyebrows due to accident and burning. Eyebrow transplantation is the most effective among these treatment methods. With eyebrow transplantation, you can have thicker and bushy eyebrows.


    What is Eyebrow Transplant?

    Cosmetic methods can shape your eyebrows and make your eyebrows look thicker than they are. However, no cosmetic method is permanent. These methods cost you both money and time in the long run. With eyebrow transplantation, you can have the eyebrows you want.

    It is thought that only women undergo this operation. However, this is wrong. Eyebrow transplantation can be done to anyone, regardless of men or women.

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    How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?

    The application is the same as hair transplantation. The operation is performed with the DHI technique. Since local anesthesia will be applied before the operation, you will not feel pain during the operation. In eyebrow transplantation, hair roots are first collected from the donor area. The nape area is generally preferred as the donor area. Then the hair follicles are transplanted to the eyebrow-free area at a certain angle and direction.

    Eyebrows are one of the most striking regions on the face. Therefore, the operation should be done with great care by an expert team. There are 2 main factors for the natural look of eyebrow transplantation. The first one is the eyebrow design. Eyebrow design should be made by the gender, face shape and wishes of the patient. Another factor is the transplant stage of the eyebrows. When transplanting eyebrows, they should be transplanted in the same angle and direction as natural eyebrows.

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    How To Choose Eyebrow Transplant Center in Turkey?

    Eyebrow transplant center research should be done well. You should make sure that an expert staff is working in the hospital that will operate. The results of the operation performed by a non-expert team will not please you. Since the eyebrow is located in the center of the face, the hair follicles to be transplanted to this area should be well planned. We take care to give you the best service with our expert staff in our hospital. We do not accept more than 3 patients a day to be able to take care of our patients.

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    Eyebrow Transplant Costs in Turkey

    Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in medical tourism in the world. Eyebrow transplantation costs in Turkey are much more favorable than in many countries. Prices usually include accommodation and transfer services from the airport. Most preferred city in Turkey, Istanbul. Contact us to get information about eyebrow transplantation in Istanbul.



    Natural Eyebrows with Eyebrow Transplantation

    Is natural eyebrow transplant possible? Does eyebrow transplant look natural? These are the most curious questions of those who want to have eyebrow transplantation. If the operation is performed by an expert team in a good hair transplant center, very good results are obtained from the operation.

    The results of the eyebrow transplant operation are directly proportional to the hair transplant clinic where the operation will be performed.

    For the eyebrow transplantation to look natural, the eyebrows to be transplanted should be transplanted in the same angle and direction as the natural eyebrows.

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    Can Eyebrow Transplantation Be Done For The 2nd Time?

    One session is usually sufficient for eyebrow transplantation. However, if the patient has had eyebrow transplantation before and is not satisfied with the results of the operation, a second operation can be performed.


    Am I Suitable for Eyebrow Transplantation?

    Eyebrow transplantation can be done to anyone whose health condition is suitable. If your eyebrows are sparse, if your eyebrows have gaps or scars, you are a suitable candidate for eyebrow transplantation. Contact our experts to find out if you are suitable for eyebrow transplantation.

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