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    Hair Transplant Turkey Vs Uk

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     You are hesitant about hair transplant in Turkey or UK? Which is the best? Hair Transplant Turkey vs UK… Most people who want to have a hair transplant cannot decide where the operation will take place. Is hair transplantation should have in Turkey or the United Kingdom?

    One comparing treatment with the therapy in the United Kingdom originates from Turkey may think that’s just the price difference. Price compared to the United Kingdom to be much cheaper in Turkey, Turkey is just one of the reasons why so many prefer to be in. Thousands of people go to Turkey only for hair transplant every year. Well, why is it preferable to Turkey? Having hair transplant in Turkey to be more advantageous from the UK. So why? Details in our article …


    Hair Transplant in Turkey vs UK: Which is better?

    Hair transplantation was not available to everyone in the past. Having a hair transplant in another country sounded quite expensive. It was not easy to have a hair transplant in England. Because there were not many clinics and the costs were very high. There are enough clinics in the UK now, but the costs are still very high.

    Best hair transplant clinic in UK with the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey there is no difference between. So, why is hair transplant in Turkey so cheap? There are multiple reasons for this.

    • The Turkish government provides strong support to the healthcare sector.

    • The cost of living in Turkey is much lower compared to the United Kingdom.

    • Exchange rate difference between the currencies of the two countries.

    • Clinic rents in Turkey are much cheaper compared to UK.

    • Staff salaries are cheaper compared to the UK.


    Why Turkey is Best for Hair Transplant?

    In recent years Turkey has become one of the world’s most important medical tourism destinations. The costs of hair transplant to be quite appropriate in Turkey are attracting patients. Turkey is a country very advantageous position. It is only a few hours (by plane) away to almost all countries in Europe. Also, some of the world-renowned doctors provide treatment here. Turkey, located between the best of Europe have very modern facilities and the latest technology. Hair transplant surgeons in the country follow all the innovations in this field and make new developments in the field of hair transplantation.

    Istanbul is a very interesting city for foreign guests. Most of those who come to Istanbul for hair transplantation also have the opportunity to visit the historical and touristic buildings of the city.


    Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey vs UK

    Hair transplant prices in UK range from £ 13.00 to £ 20,000. The average cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is between £ 2,000 and £ 4,000. The hair transplant prices in Turkey are generally including accommodation and transfer services. The cheapest hair transplant cost in UK is quite expensive compared to Turkey.

    Pricing may vary by clinic. You can visit this page to learn about our hair transplant prices.


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    As Estheticana, we only accept a certain number of patients in a day to provide you with the best service. We do our best to provide the best service to our patients. We serve by international standards and always use the latest technology tools and equipment.  To make sure that our patients are satisfied with the results of hair transplantation, we provide support services to our patients after the operation.

    Our team consists of specially trained experts in the field of hair transplantation. Also, our clinic located in the heart of Istanbul is very close to the historical and touristic places of the city.

    Our hair transplant packages include all necessary tests, medications, postoperative support and treatments, and personal translator service. We do not request any additional payment from you during or after the operation. To learn about our hair transplant costs in Turkey, you can visit ‘Pricing‘ page or you can wait for us to contact you by filling out the form on this page.



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