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    Post Hair Transplantation Process

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    What should I do post hair transplantation process? Can transplanted hair grow immediately? How can I speed up hair growth after hair transplant?


    After Hair Transplantation

    The donor area is bandaged after the operation. The transplanted area is not bandaged. You do not need to stay in the hospital after the operation. Therefore, you can return home or hotel immediately.

    After the operation, itching, redness and crusting occur in the transplanted area. These will disappear in about 2 weeks.

    Swelling After Hair Transplantation: Swelling on the head and face can be seen in the first few days after hair transplantation. Ice compress is good for swelling. There is no need to use a special medication for swelling. The swelling will disappear spontaneously within 4-5 days.

    Itching After Hair Transplantation: Itching is a part of healing. This feeling can last for a few days. During this time, you should not scratch the transplanted area. This causes damage to the newly transplanted hair follicles.

    Burning Sensation After Hair Transplantation: A burning sensation may occur 3 to 4 after the operation. You can use the moisturizing solution provided by your doctor for this.


    Post Hair Transplantation Process


    1st Day After Hair Transplantation

    Additional treatment can be applied after the operation. The dressing is done and the bandage in the donor area is removed.


    3rd Day After Hair Transplantation

    The first wash after hair transplantation should be done in the hospital. In the first days after the operation, the transplanted hair follicles cannot hold tightly to their new places. In order not to damage the hair follicles, the first wash should be done by a specialist. With the first wash, scabs on the scalp are reduced and the scalp heals faster.


    After Hair Transplantation 5-7. Day

    Within 5-7 days after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair becomes stronger and will not move. During this time, you should not touch the transplanted areas. You may feel itchy during this time. This is normal and part of the healing process.


    After Hair Transplantation 15-30. Day

    Approximately 15 days after the hair transplant operation, your appearance will return to normal. During this period, the difference between your existing hair and your transplanted hair will disappear and it will not be understood that you have had a hair transplant.


    Between 1-3 Months After Hair Transplantation

    During this period, many people experience shock loss. Shock shedding is the loss of transplanted hair. This is temporary. New hair will grow in place of lost hair.


    Between 4-5 Months After Hair Transplantation

    Hair growth rate increases 4 months after the operation. After 6 months, 50% of the operation results will be observed.


    Between 6-12 Months After Hair Transplantation

    During this period, hair continues to grow. The hair strands become stronger and thicker. The exact results of the hair transplant operation can be seen in people with a high recovery rate.


    Between 12-18 Months After Hair Transplantation

    The final result of the operation is obtained 1 year after the hair transplant. The healing process ends and all of the transplanted hair can be seen. It has a dense and strong appearance.


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