African american hair transplant in Turkey prevents all hair loss with the different hair transplantation techniques used. Doctors in Turkey have a great share in this. African american hair transplant in Turkey is both affordable and high quality. Our doctors use specially developed hair transplantation methods to get the best results.

Hair transplantation specialists in Turkey successfully perform hair transplantation treatments with the equipment they have developed without disturbing the ethnicity of the person. In our clinic, our hair transplant specialists apply new generation hair transplant treatments for African American hair loss.

What is the Afro Hair?

Afro hair is the hair texture of a particular population of the African region. People who have this hair texture are quite common not only in Africa, but also in America. According to people with straight hair structure, afro hair roots are curly. Hair strands are small and spiral in shape. Hair looks denser than other hair types. African-American hair type occurs in both men and women. African american hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable and quality.

Although the Afro american hair seems strong, androgenic hair loss may occur in men. In women, hair loss occurs due to the use of numerous chemical products and hair stylers. At the same time, people experience hair loss due to hair styling procedures. Since the Afro american hair is curly, hair loss can be camouflaged, however, as the size of the hair loss grows, it cannot be intervened. People who African American hair type use hair stylers a lot because their hair is wavy. When hair stylers are used for a long time, they damage the hair follicles. Therefore, people resort to various ways to prevent hair loss. No treatment method is as permanent as hair transplantation.

African American Hair Type and Hair Transplantation

The Afro hair transplant process is a bit long. Because experts examine the hair follicles of the person before hair transplantation and determine the curly size of the hair. The doctor then examines the angles at which the hair is rotating under the scalp. Experts calculate these angles and the result will help in creating the treatment plan. As in other hair transplantations, subcutaneous roots are taken, but at this point, the specialist doctor should pay attention. If the angles are not calculated while the roots are being collected, a large number of grafts will be lost. That’s why hair transplant treatments should be done by specialist doctors. Our clinic successfully analyzes all the details of African American hair. We perform the best hair transplant in Turkey for afro hair. Our patients coming from abroad have African American hair transplant in Turkey and they are very satisfied. Click on for more detail.

Afro Hair Transplant Advantages

People who Afro hair type experience hair loss for various reasons. The main reasons for this are misused cosmetic products and hair styling products.

Most cosmetics and hair styling products damage the scalp and hair strands break out over time. Since Afro american hair is curly and full, people cannot notice these spills beforehand. However, when baldness occurs as a result of repeated hair loss every year, a person applies for a hair transplant.

African American Hair Transplant Cost

African American hair transplantation is performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic. We receive a large number of hair transplant requests from our patients with Afro hair type. We successfully perform the latest technology hair transplantation methods that we have developed in line with these demands to our patients. African American hair transplant in Turkey prices vary according to the extent of the person’s hair loss. Contact us for detailed information about African american hair transplant in Turkey and its prices. Our patient consultants provide 24/7 service.

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