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    Can Hair Be Transplanted From One Person To Another?

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    Before we have a hair transplant, we look for answers to many questions. How is a hair transplant done? Where are hair follicles taken from for hair transplantation? How much does a hair transplant cost? Can you get a hair transplant done from another person?

    Organ transplantation is currently preferred for many different treatments. Organ transplantation has a very important place in the treatment of serious health problems. However, is hair transplantation possible with organ transplantation (using the hair of others)? If I do not have enough hair follicles for hair transplantation, can I have hair transplantation with someone else’s hair follicle? The answer to these questions is in our article.

    Hair Transplant From Another Person

    Organ transplantation is a risky operation. Organ transplantation increases the risk of infections and other diseases. Even if it is technically possible to use someone else’s hair in hair transplantation, it is practically unnecessary and not preferred. Because this procedure can cause risks and complications.

    Can you implant someone else’s hair? If there is not enough hair follicle in the donor area of the patient, hair transplantation from another person will not be applied to him. In hair transplantation, the hair is taken from the patient’s own body. These hairs are collected from the donor area. The area between the two ears behind the head is generally preferred as the donor area. This area is the least affected by baldness. This area is ideal for hair transplantation due to 2 factors. First, hair follicles in this region are immune to the DHT hormone that causes male pattern hair loss. In other words, the hair transplanted from this area will remain with you for a lifetime. Second, the hair density in this area is higher.

    If the Donor Area Is Not Enough for Transplant

    What if the hair follicles in my donor area are not sufficient for hair transplantation? This can occur in patients with severe baldness. There may not be as many hair follicles as the number of hair follicles needed for the patient in the donor area. In this case, another person’s hair follicle can not used.

    Can you transplant hair from other parts of the body? Yes, hair follicles on the patient’s own body can be used. Hair transplantation made from body hair is not recommended. Because the hairs on the body have very different properties from those on the head. This may cause the hair transplant to look unnatural.

    The patient may not be suitable for hair transplantation due to the lack of hair follicles in the donor area and other reasons. In this case, stem cell hair transplantation, hair cloning or other treatment methods may be considered. To find out if you are suitable for hair transplantation, contact us here. After a special examination with our experts, let’s create a special treatment plan for you.

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