After a good hair transplant operation, your hair will look natural. The number of people who have hair transplant is much more than you think. You see many people who have had a hair transplant in your daily life, but you don’t even notice it.


Does Hair Transplant Look Natural?

The hair transplanted to you in hair transplantation is not someone else’s hair. Transplanted hair follicles are your hair follicles taken from your body. As long as the operation is performed by an expert team in hair transplantation, there is no reason for your hair to not look natural.

Thanks to the new techniques developed in recent years, the results of hair transplantation are quite natural. Your hair will begin to grow again within 2 months after the hair transplant operation. During this time, you start to get the first results after the operation. The growth rate, structure, color and texture of the transplanted hair will be the same as your natural hair.


Why Some Hair Transplants Do Not Look Natural?

Performing the hair transplant operation by an expert team in this field directly affects the success of the operation. The results of the operation performed by an expert and not experienced team in hair transplantation will not look natural. Hair transplantation performed by a person who is not an expert in this operation can also cause serious problems.

The reasons why hair transplant results do not look natural:


1. Front Hairline Design

The front hairline directly affects the success of hair transplantation. The front hairline design should be made by the face shape. When designing the front hairline, attention should be paid to the gender, face shape, hair structure and wishes of the patient.


2.Wrong Transplantation of Hair Roots

Before performing the transplant, the doctor should pay attention to the direction and angle of the hair. Hair should be transplanted in the right angle and direction to obtain the most natural results from the operation. For example; The hair follicles that are transplanted at a steeper angle than they should cause the hair to grow like grass.


3. Less or More Graft Transplantation as Necessary

The total number of grafts to be transplanted in the operation varies from person to person. 2 factors affect the number of grafts. The size of the hair loss area and the number of hair follicles in the donor area. The larger the balding area, the more grafts need to be transplanted to the patient. When fewer hair follicles are transplanted, the hair will appear very sparse.

Graft planning in hair transplantation should be done specifically for the patient. How many grafts do I need for hair transplantation? If you are also asking this question, contact us. Let’s make a special hair transplant plan for you.

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4. Failure to Follow Doctor’s Recommendations After the Operation

After hair transplant operation, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor. It is very important for successful results from this operation. If you do not follow your doctor’s recommendations after the operation, you will reduce the success rate of hair transplant operation.


Can You Get A Hair Transplant Without Anyone Knowing?

For this, you should have an operation in a really good hair transplant center. The results of the hair transplant operation performed by the specialist doctor and his team using the latest technology tools will look quite natural.


In our clinic, we take special care of our patients and do our best to ensure that the results of the operation look completely natural. You can contact us to learn about natural hair transplant costs.

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