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    Hair Transplantation Before And After

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    Hair transplant is a surgical operation. For this reason, there are several points that patients should pay attention to before and after hair transplantation. A successful operation is not enough to get the best results from the hair transplant operation. It is also very important before and after the operation to get the best results from hair transplantation.

    If the patient has shown the necessary care after the operation performed by an experienced doctor and team, it is very unlikely to encounter an unexpected result.

    Before Hair Transplantation

    Before hair transplantation, the patient should be informed in detail about the whole process. During the pre-interview, the things to be considered before and after hair transplantation should be explained.

    As with other surgical operations, there are some risks and side effects in hair transplantation. For example, your doctor will say those blood thinners should not be used before the operation. Failure to pay attention to these words of the doctor and taking blood thinners before the operation may cause serious bleeding problems during the operation. For this reason, you should follow the advice of your doctor before and after hair transplantation.

    Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

    • Before hair transplantation, you should tell your doctor about your health history.
    • If you have any condition that you are in the treatment phase, you should get approval from your doctor who deals with that condition.
    • If you take regular medication, you should inform the doctor about the medications you use.
    • You should have stopped taking blood thinners sometime before the operation.
    • Before hair transplant, you should stop using alcohol.
    • You should also stop smoking for a while before the operation.
    • Multivitamin pills containing vitamins B and E or herbal teas containing these vitamins have a risk of increased bleeding. For this reason, you should make sure that you have not taken these vitamins at least one week before the operation.
    • Strenuous exercises such as strength training or cardio should be quitted one week before the operation.
    • You should not apply any chemical styling agents such as hair spray and gel on the day of the operation.
    • You should not apply any local medication to the hair and scalp on the day of the operation.
    • You should choose easy-to-wear clothes on the day of the operation.

    Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

    • The first 2 daysafter hair transplantationis the most critical process. During this period, you should never touch the transplanted area.
    • Alcohol should not be consumed in the first 3 days.
    • Blood thinners such as aspirin should not be used for a while.
    • The patient should stay away from activities that will force and tire himself.
    • Products other than the care products recommended by the doctor should not be used and these products should be used as recommended by the doctor.
    • The head should be kept as upright as possible for the edema that occurs after the operation to pass quickly.
    • While sleeping, there should be no contact with the treated areas.
    • In the first 2 weeks (if possible, the first month) after the operation, one should not swim in the bath, pool, sauna, or sea.
    • It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse in the first 14 days after the operation.
    • You may feel itching in the transplanted area. In order not to damage the transplanted hair follicles, you should not scratch that area.

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