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    Donor Area In Hair Transplant

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    What Does Donor Area Mean in Hair Transplant?

    Donor region means donor region. It is a term used not only in hair transplant but in many different medical fields. The area, which means organ, blood and tissue donated area, refers to the place where the hair roots will be taken in hair transplant.



    Why is the Donor Region Important in Hair Transplant?

    Hair density and quality in the donor area is very important for successful hair transplant. Frequent hair transplant to the hair transplant area provides more natural and bushy results than hair transplant. Hair density in the donor region provides an advantage in the success of hair transplant.



    How to Decide Donor Area in Hair Transplant?

    While determining the area to be preferred as a donor area in hair transplant, the hair density of the person is analyzed first. The size of the hairless area of ​​the person is determined how many hair follicles are needed to cover this area. A region that can meet the number of hair follicles needed is sought. While choosing this region, criteria such as hair thickness and hair density are taken into consideration.



    What to Do in Hair Transplant Insufficiency?

    The most commonly used donor area in hair transplant is the nape. It is ideal for nape hair transplant. In cases where the hair on the neck is not enough for transplant, different areas in the body of the person are used. As the donor region, only the hair or hair follicles in one’s own body are used. Hair follicles of someone else cannot be transplanted to the person. These areas, which are widely preferred, are;

    • Neck,
    • Chest,
    • Legs,
    • Chin,
    • Pubic zone
    • Shoulders and
    • Arms.

    Hair follicles taken from the body are often used to tighten hair. The operations performed with the hair follicles taken from here cannot show a similar result with the operations performed with the hair follicles taken from the nape.



    Hair Roots Collection from Donor Area in Hair Transplant

    In hair transplant, different techniques are used to collect hair follicles from the this area. In FUT hair transplant, hair follicles in the area are collected with an incision. However, the FUT technique is not a highly preferred technique. In FUE hair transplant technique, the hair follicles in the this area are collected one by one with special tools.



    Is There a Trace in The Donor Region During Hair Transplant?

    In hair transplant done with FUE method, the probability of scarring in the donor region is very low. Even if there is a trace, the areas around the hair cover this trace. In hair transplants made with the FUT method, stitch scars may remain as the hair follicles in the this area are removed through an incision.


    With Estheticana, the entire hair transplant process is carried out with great care. If you want to have your hair transplant done in our center and want to have detailed information about hair transplant, you can contact us.


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