What Awaits You After Hair Transplant? The only solution for people who experience permanent hair loss is hair transplant. With the hair transplant operation, the person gets bushy and natural hair. Hair transplant operation is not an operation where the results are seen immediately. After the operation, there is a healing process and a hair growth process. You can reach what you wonder in this article about what awaits you in the process of hair transplant.

First Weeks After Hair Transplant

Since the hair cannot be fully attached to their new places after hair transplant, care should be taken not to take impact on the transplanted areas in this process. A week after the operation, the hair starts to hold on to their places.

After the procedure, swelling, mild pain and itching may be felt. These effects can be removed with the medication and products that the doctor will give. Swelling may occur around the face and eyes after hair transplant. In this case, it is recommended to put ice on swollen areas. Itching sensation after the operation is an indication of recovery. However, transplanted areas should not be itchy in this process. If itchy, the hair follicles transplanted here may break and die. Burning sensation is a condition encountered in the donor area a few days after the transplant. You can reduce this feeling by using the products provided by your doctor.

Redness and crusting may occur in the transplanted areas. These crusts disappear in about 2 weeks. Crusts and redness disappear 15 days after the operation.

Washing After Hair Transplant

A situation that awaits you after hair transplant is the first washing. The first wash is done on the third day after hair transplant. With the first wash, the shells are poured to a large extent. The first wash is done at the hair transplant center. This washing should be carried out carefully and meticulously. Hair follicles that cannot be held in place can easily be damaged during washing. For this reason, this washing should be done by a specialist. The person after the first wash can perform the washing on his own.

There are some points to pay attention to in self-washing washes. Things to consider in washing after hair transplant;

  • The water used in washing should not be too hot or too cold.
  • The water should not be too pressurized.
  • Products used for washing should be products recommended by the doctor.
  • The towel to be used in rinsing should not be too hard.

Shock Shedding After Hair Transplant

About 2 weeks after the hair transplant, the phase called shock shedding starts. This stage is the stage of hair loss transplanted. Those who are not familiar with this stage are concerned about seeing their hair fall out. But there is no need to worry at this stage. Shock loss is seen in almost every hair transplant. At this stage, new hair will be replaced in a healthier way.

The final results of hair transplant appear approximately 1 year after the operation. Recovery after FUE hair transplant is faster than other hair transplant method.

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