Hair transplant results are not the same for everyone. Because everyone’s hair structure, hairstyle, hair color, shedding degree and face shape are different from each other. Therefore, the results to be obtained from the hair transplant operation are also different from each other. The results of others can give you an idea. However, you should not think that your results will be the same as theirs.

Hair loss is a big problem for many people. The best solution to this problem is hair transplantation. The most curious thing for those who want to have a hair transplant is the results of the operation. Many people decide by looking at hair transplant results.


Hair Transplant Process

The post-hair transplant process covers the period from the operation until the recovery is completed.


First Day After Hair Transplantation

After the operation, the donor area will be bandaged. This bandage is usually removed on the 2nd day. Mild pain may be experienced on the first day after the operation. For these pains, it will be enough to use the painkiller your doctor will give you. You should sleep carefully on the first day. You must make sure that there is no contact with the transplanted areas. Rubbing the transplanted area against the pillow damages the transplanted hair follicles.


2nd Day After Hair Transplantation

The first wash after hair transplantation is usually done on the 2nd or 3rd day. The first wash is carried out by a specialist in the hair transplant center. After the first wash, the transplanted area will heal faster. After the first wash, your doctor will tell you how to wash your hair.


3rd – 15th Day After Hair Transplantation

During the first 2 weeks after hair transplant operation, the donor area improves greatly. Swelling in the head goes down. Redness and scab in the hair transplant area will largely disappear. The most important thing to do in this process is not to get a blow to your head.


15 – 30 Days After Hair Transplantation

From the 15th day onwards, the hair follicles get used to their new places and are not easily damaged. Nevertheless, it is recommended to stay away from heavy exercises during this period. In this process, shock hair loss occurs. In this stage called shock shedding, the transplanted hair begins to fall out. This shouldn’t worry you. Shock loss will be in everyone who has a hair transplant. In shock shedding, the transplanted hair is lost temporarily. Hair will grow again after shock loss.


1st Month – 3rd Month After Hair Transplantation

Shock spill is completed in this process. Hair starts to grow slowly. This process can be called the stage when the first results begin to appear. At this stage, hair strands may be thin and short.


3rd Month – 6th Month After Hair Transplantation

Hair has begun to take its final shape. At the end of the 6th month, approximately 60% of the hair grows. This rate maybe 80% in some people. In this process, the hair strands will have a normal appearance.


Hair Transplant Final Results: 

6. Month – 12 Month After Hair Transplantation

During this time, the hair takes its final shape. In many people, recovery is completed in the 8th month and all of the hair grows. However, this period may vary from person to person. At the end of about a year, we can say that the hair transplantation process ends.


What does the success of hair transplant results depend on?

• The expertise of the team performing the operation

• Hair strand quality and thickness of the patient

• Postoperative medication supplements

• The scarcity of the hairless area transplanted

• Paying attention to the things to be followed after the operation.



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