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    Latest Hair Transplant Techniques 2021

    Latest Hair Transplant Techniques 2021 - Estheticana image

     We have brought together the latest technology hair transplantation techniques for you. By reading this article, you can learn about the best hair transplant techniques, hair transplant prices and hair transplant clinics.


    What is The Latest Hair Transplant Techniques?

    The ideal solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplant operation is a permanent solution for male pattern hair loss. This operation can be performed not only for male pattern hair loss, but also for people with hair wounds, ringworm or regional hair loss.

    The technique used for hair transplantation to result in the way the patient wants is very important. However, a good hair transplant result cannot be obtained by using only a good technique. To achieve the desired results from hair transplantation, the operation must be performed successfully and the healing process must be overcome well.

    The success of the operation depends on the success of the doctor and his team who will operate. The hair follicles to be transplanted should be transplanted to the balding areas at the right angle and direction. Front hairline design should be made by the face shape of the patient.

    The patient’s compliance with what the doctor says during the healing process also affects the results of the operation. If the patient does not care for his/her hair after the operation, the rate of hair follicle growth may decrease.

    In short ‘I chose the best hair transplant technique. My hair transplantation will be successful. ”There is no such thing. For the best hair transplant, the best technique and the right hair transplant center should be selected. Before and after hair transplantation, what the doctor says should be followed.

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    Best Hair Transplant Techniques

    We brought the latest technology and best hair transplant techniques together for you.

    The best hair transplant techniques are;

    • FUE Hair Transplant Technique

    • DHI Technique

    • Micro FUE Technique

    • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technique

    • Unshaved Hair Transplant Methods



    FUE Technique

    Innovations and developments in hair transplant technologies continue to occur. Today, one of the most preferred techniques in hair transplantation is the FUE technique. The FUE technique is a technique open to improvement. Micro FUE and Sapphire FUE techniques have been obtained with the development of this technique.

    Click HERE to get more detailed information about the FUE technique.


    DHI Technique

    Another technique that is mostly used in hair transplantation is the DHI Technique. This technique is applied with a special tool called Choi pen. The difference of this technique from other techniques is that the opening of the channels and the transplantation of the hair follicles are performed at the same time. In other techniques, channels are opened first. Then, hair follicles are transplanted one by one into the opened channels. In the DHI technique, these two stages are performed at the same time.

    The nib of the CHOI pen is very small. In this way, tissue damage is minimized. Recovery happens faster. Also, there is no need to shave the entire hair with the DHI technique.


    Is FUE Better Than DHI?

    The choice between the FUE or DHI technique varies depending on the patient’s hair loss level, hair density in the donor area and hair structure. Hair transplantation is a very personal treatment. The best technique varies from person to person.

    FUE and DHI are techniques that will help you get the look you want. However, there are some differences between DHI and FUE techniques. You should know these differences before deciding on the hair transplant technique. Some of these differences are:

    • The FUE technique is ideal for large areas. If your hair loss level is high, you may consider the FUE technique.

    • DHI technique is ideal for achieving high density. If your hair is not shed too much, you can consider the DHI technique for an intense hair transplant.

    • The DHI technique requires more experience compared to other hair transplant techniques.

    • Recovery time is faster in DHI technique. There is less bleeding in the operation compared to the FUE technique.



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