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    Top 7 Questions About Hair Transplantation

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    What are the top questions about hair transplantation? Do you want to have a hair transplant, but are there some questions that confuse you? It is quite normal to have some concerns about the operation. Doing good research and getting help from professionals will eliminate these concerns. We have shared with you the 7 questions most asked by those who want to have a hair transplant to help you in this regard.

     Questions about hair transplantation:


    1. Am I Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

    Before the operation, the patient should be examined to evaluate the patient’s suitability for hair transplant. During your online consultation with us, we will evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. During the online consultation, you will be in contact with our expert patient coordinators and doctors. If you are wondering whether you are a suitable candidate for the operation, call us.


    2. What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplantation?

    The possibility of encountering an undesirable result after a successful hair transplant operation is very low. Hair transplant operations in our hospital are performed by expert teams using the latest technology materials. We serve at international standards. We only accept a certain number of patients in a day in order to take special care of each of our patients. If you want to join our privileged patients, contact us.

    Visit this page to have more detailed information about hair transplant success rate.


    3. Does Hair Fall Out Again After Hair Transplantation?

    Recovery after hair transplantation is completed in several stages. It is natural to experience some hair loss in some of these stages. However, this shedding is temporary. Approximately 2 weeks after the operation, the transplanted hair begins to fall out. This phase is called the shock spill phase. The hair follicles transplanted in the shock shedding phase are gradually shed. This stage is a stage that everyone who has a hair transplant experience. After the shock shedding phase is over, the transplanted hair will start to grow again.


    4. Will Hair Transplant Results Look Natural?

    One of the most important factors affecting naturalness in hair transplantation is the opening of the channels. If the channels are not opened at the right angle and direction, the results of the operation will not look natural. The results of a hair transplant operation performed correctly by an expert team will look completely natural.


    5. Is Pain Feeling During Hair Transplantation?

    Before the operation, the areas to be treated are anesthetized with local anesthesia. After the anesthesia starts to take effect, no pain is felt. The majority of patients return to their daily lives the day after the hair transplant operation.


    6. How Long Does It Take To Heal After Hair Transplantation?

    The recovery time varies from person to person. Most of the recovery takes place within the first 1 to 2 weeks. After the operation, taking the necessary care of your scalp will speed up the healing process. You should not smoke after the operation so that your healing process does not slow down. Smoking causes the hair follicles not to be well nourished and slows down the healing process.


    7. How Many Hours Does Hair Transplant Operation Take?

    Operation time varies from person to person. The number of grafts to be transplanted determines the operation time. A hair transplant operation may take a few hours, or 6-8 hours.


    If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you should talk to a specialist in this field. You can get information about the treatment plan that will be applied specifically for you by contacting our expert patient coordinators.


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