With this article, you can learn what you are curious about the treatment of hair loss. Healthy hair grows and dies over time. This cycle continues throughout life. For this reason, an average of 100 hairs per day is considered normal. But hair can be shed much more than 100 strands daily for various reasons. If hair loss is more than normal, a doctor should be consulted.

The reasons for hair loss should be understood first to prevent hair loss. The problem of hair loss cannot be eliminated without treating the cause of the hair loss. Genetics, malnutrition, stress, childbirth, hormonal changes, diseases or accidents can cause hair loss.


When patients who experience hair loss due to lack of nutrition correct their diet and take the necessary vitamins and medicines, the problem of hair loss disappears. New hair comes out instead of hair loss. The same is true for patients who experience hair loss due to stress. If the patient avoids stress, the problem of hair loss also ends. However, no matter which treatment method is tried in some hair loss, hair loss does not cease and new hair is not replaced. Especially in male pattern hair loss, new hair does not replace hair loss. Treatments and treatments can only slow the hair loss rate. But the hair will eventually fall irreversibly.

Male pattern hair loss generally occurs in the forehead and hill area in men. Spill or start from the hill area and spread around. In male pattern hair loss seen in women, there is no complete hair loss in one region. More hair is sparse. This type of hair loss in women generally starts from the middle hairline at the top of the head and moves to the right and left.

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Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

So what do you do if your treatments don’t work at all and you’re experiencing permanent hair loss? You don’t have to submit to this situation and have a bald look for a lifetime without hair.

The only solution to permanent hair loss is hair transplant. No treatment method other than hair transplant can bring you back to your old bushy hair. With hair transplant, the patient may have a natural look as if his hair has never been lost.

What is Hair Transplant?

We said that hair transplant is the only solution to permanent hair loss. Hair is transplanted to the hairless areas of the patient with hair transplant. These transplanted hair is taken from the patient’s own body. Someone else’s hair follicle cannot be transplanted to the patient. In hair transplant, the area where the hair follicles to be transplanted is taken is called the donor region. As the donor area, the back of the nape is most preferred. This is because the hair follicles here are resistant to permanent loss. The nape is not the only area used as a donor area.

Other areas used as donor sites:

  • Chest area,
  • Shoulders,
  • Arms and
  • Legs

After the donor area is decided, the hair follicles in this region are carefully collected by experts. Micro channels suitable for the collected hair follicles are opened. Hair follicles collected in these opened channels are transplanted. After the treatment, you will have hair that grows healthy and looks natural in a short time. Contact us for more information about hair transplant and hair transplant prices. Let’s create a special treatment plan for you with our special meeting with you.

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