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    Painless Hair Transplant

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    Those who want to have a hair transplant may be afraid of pain during the operation. There are even people who give up the operation or postpone the operation for this reason. With a painless hair transplant, these fears will end.



    The Most Comfortable Hair Transplant Techniques

    More than one technique is used in hair transplant. The most preferred among these techniques are painless FUE hair transplant and DHI techniques.

    The FUE technique is performed with micro surgical interventions. Therefore, it is a very comfortable method for the patient. In the FUE technique, hair follicles in the donor area are collected one by one with special tipped tools. Collected hair follicles are prepared to be transferred to balding areas. Micro channels should be opened in order to transplant the hair follicles collected in hairless areas. In order for the hair transplant to look natural, these channels should be opened at appropriate angles and at the correct frequency. After the channels are opened, the hair follicles collected from the donor area are placed in these channels.

    In the DHI hair transplant technique, hair follicles collected from the donor area are transplanted directly without the need for channels to be opened. In other words, the transplant performed in 2 stages in the FUE technique is performed in one step in the DHI technique. The reason for this is choi pens. Thanks to CHOI pens, channel opening and hair follicle transplantation stages can be performed simultaneously.

    In addition to these techniques, many advanced techniques are used in painless hair transplant. Painless Sapphire FUE, Micro Motor FUE and Robotic FUE are some of them.



    Anesthesia in Hair Transplant Operation

    Regardless of the technique used in the hair transplant operation, local anesthesia is definitely applied before the operation. Anesthesia is required before hair transplant. The anesthetic substance injected under the skin creates numbness in the area and ensures not to feel the interventions to be made. The way anesthesia is applied also affects patient comfort. Expressions in the form of needle-free hair transplant or painless hair transplant are related to how anesthesia is performed.





    Is Painless Hair Transplant Surgery Possible?

    Local anesthesia is the most used method in hair transplant. In this method, needle and without needle injectors are used.

    Sedation is the most comfortable method in hair transplant. The thing that increases the comfort in sedation is that it is applied at a personal dose and the effect can be removed at any time since it is constantly controlled.

    Sedation is applied even to babies. Therefore, we can say that this application is safe.


    Painless hair transplant applications are successfully performed in Estheticana. We provide you with the best service with our expert team and the latest technology tools we use. We accept a limited number of patients for operations. You can create your appointment by contacting us without wasting time.



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