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    Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment In Women

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    Hair health and good looking hair are important for every woman. Hair loss can cause stress in women. Most spills experienced by women are temporary. Replace the lost hair with new ones. However, in some cases, hair loss may be permanent and new hair may not be replaced. So, what should women with permanent hair loss do? What is male pattern hair loss in women? Is it possible to cure?

    Almost all women have experienced hair loss at least in their life. Hair loss is more common in women especially before menopause.

    Hair loss is less acceptable in women. Especially permanent hair loss affects women’s lives negatively.

    Male Pattern Hair Loss

    Male pattern hair loss, which can occur due to hormonal, genetic and different reasons, is also experienced in women. Male pattern hair loss usually starts from the top of the head and continues towards the back in men. The front hairline starts to decline for the first time in men. In women, it is experienced as thinning in the middle of the crown area and hair separation.

    Causes of Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women

    The main reason for male pattern hair loss experienced by women is excessive secretion of androgen hormone. Most of the hormonal imbalances that occur in women for different reasons can be treated. However, sometimes genetic predisposition may be due to male pattern hair loss in women. In this case, we can say that the results of this type of hair loss are permanent.

    In order to learn the causes of male pattern hair loss in women, first of all, it is necessary to learn the causes of this hair loss type. There are 2 reasons for male pattern hair loss. The first of these is the excessive secretion of androgen hormones. Testosterone and DHT, among the androgen hormones, weaken the hair follicles and cause them to fall out. Androgen hormone is less secreted in women compared to men. Adequate testosterone secretion in women does not pose a question. However, if this hormone is secreted more than normal, the hair follicles weaken and begin to fall out.

    If you are experiencing male pattern hair loss, you should definitely go to a doctor and have a hormone test.

    How Does Male Pattern Hair Loss Happen in Women?

    Hair loss in men starts from both sides of the forehead. The hairline is pulled back over time. A thinning occurs throughout the skull. In women, hair loss starts in the middle of the peak area. The front hairline rarely disappears in women. Women mostly experience thinning in the top area and hair loss in the hair separation line. Hair loss that continues from head to neck in women is permanent.

    Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment in Women: Hair Transplant

    The most definitive treatment of permanent hair loss in women is hair transplant. In hair transplantation, new hair is transplanted to replace the permanently lost hair as a result of hormonal, genetic or accident. Hair transplantation treatment, which is a highly preferred operation today, is preferred by many people who have lost their hair. Hair transplantation is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the patient’s body to balding areas.

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