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    Hair Transplant Without Shaving

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    Hair Transplant Without Shaving

     As Estheticana, we have prepared this article to inform you about hair transplant without shaving and shaved hair transplantation.

    In this article, we will answer the question “Is unshaved hair transplant possible?” Hair is one of the most important factors affecting a person’s appearance. Generally, the patient’s hair is shaved before hair transplant. People with long hair do not want their hair to be shaved. This creates a problem for people who want to have a hair transplant but do not want their hair cut. Some people stop having hair transplantation when they learn that their hair has been shaved before the hair transplant.

    Unshaved Hair Transplant Technique

    Those who have long hair and do not want it to be obvious that they have had a hair transplant do not want to have their hair cut. Hair transplantation can be done without shaving all of the hair. This is possible with the DHI technique. Unshaved hair transplantation method is mostly preferred by women and men with long hair.

    Unshaved hair transplant method is performed in 2 different ways.

    • Hair transplantation performed by shaving the donor area only. This method is mostly preferred by people with long hair. A small rectangular shave is made between the 2 ears at the back of the head.
    • The hair transplant without shaving, in which the donor area and the transplanted area are made without shaving, is also highly preferred.

    There are some limitations in applying these methods. The hair of the patient should be suitable for unshaven hair transplantation. If the hair loss of the patient is excessive and the patient needs a hair transplant of at least 3000 grafts, unshaved hair transplantation is not possible. In unshaved hair transplantation, a maximum of 1000 – 2800 grafts can be transplanted, depending on the level of hair loss of the patient.

    Unshaved Hair Transplant with DHI Technique

    We have just mentioned that unshaved hair transplantation can be done in 2 ways. In hair transplant performed by shaving your hair partially, only the donor area is shaved. Long hair above the shaved area after the operation will cover this area. In other words, it will not be obvious that your hair is shaved after the operation. The hair length we are talking about here is about 6 – 7 centimeters. People with shorter hair should grow their hair before the operation.

    In order to choose the completely unshaved hair transplantation method, the following conditions must be met.

    • If a maximum of 1000 grafts are required for hair transplantation,
    • If the patient’s hair is thin and
    • If hair transplantation is required in a small area, completely unshaved hair transplantation can be done.

    Advantages of Hair Transplant Without Shaving

    • The patient who has hair transplantation can maintain the length of his hair after the operation.
    • It is not clear that the patient had a hair transplant.
    • The patient can return to his daily life in a short time.
    • Post-operative recovery takes less time.
    • After the operation, the hair covers the scabs in the donor area. In this way, scabs are not visible.

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    Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Without Shaving

    • Partially shaved hair transplant can only be performed on patients with long hair.
    • The number of hair follicles that can be taken in one session is limited.
    • If the patient’s hair loss level is high, more than one session may be required.
    • In partially shaved hair transplant, the donor area is limited. Limited donor field experience may be harmed by a team. In order to prevent this, the person performing the operation should be experienced in partially shaved hair transplantation.
    • The price of partially shaved hair transplantation may be higher than other hair transplantation techniques.

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