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    Things To Consider Before Hair Transplant

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    Hair transplant is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications, especially by men. If you are considering hair transplant, there are some criteria you should pay attention to before the operation. What should I do before a hair transplant? What awaits me before hair transplant? What should I pay attention to before hair transplant? The answer to these questions and things to consider before hair transplant are in our article.



    What Awaits You Before Hair Transplant?

    Before deciding to have a hair transplant, you should have an idea about all the possibilities of the operation. You can do a research for this. However, you should make sure that the information you get during your research is correct. To avoid getting false information about the operation, you should get an expert opinion. You can call us to have an online and face-to-face meeting with our expert patient coordinator.

    Before the hair transplant, you should determine your expectations realistically. Many factors such as the person’s hair quality, hair structure, hair density of the donor area, age, nutritional habits, the degree of shedding, smoking and alcohol use affect the success of the operation. You must not forget this.



    What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplant?

    • Before the hair transplant operation, you should inform your doctor about your current health problems and the medications you use.
    • If you have any health problems, state this before the operation. Consult your doctor who deals with this health problem and get his approval for the hair transplant operation.
    • Before hair transplant operation, take a break from the use of aspirin and similar drugs with blood thinning effects.
    • Do not use hair products such as sprays or gels before the operation.
    • Choose clothes that you can easily put on and take off on the day of the operation. You can choose comfortable clothes with front buttons or wide neck.
    • Be careful not to drink alcohol. It can be activated with the drugs to be used during the operation. For this reason, you should stay away from alcohol or drug use at least one day before the operation.
    • Stop smoking some time before the operation. Smoking slows the blood flow rate in the scalp. It causes the veins to narrow and prevent the growth of the transplanted hair follicles. Therefore, you should stop smoking a while before the operation.
    • You should pay attention to your personal hygiene before the operation.
    • Before the operation, you should be sleepy and rested.

    General Information About Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the areas with hair loss. In hair transplant, the area between the two ears is generally preferred as the donor area behind the head.

    Hair transplant should not be viewed solely for aesthetics. In order for a healthy application to be carried out, the person performing the operation must be an expert in this field. Operations must be performed in a clinic where sterilization conditions are appropriate.

    You can fill out the contact form to make an online interview at Estheticana. During the online interview, we will inform you in detail about hair transplant, hair transplant operation and after. We create a special treatment plan for you and determine the most suitable treatment for you. Call us to learn about hair transplant in Turkey.


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