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    Hairline Design In Hair Transplant

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    Hair transplant operation requires knowledge, experience and an aesthetic opinion. One of the most important factors affecting the success and naturalness in the operation is the front hairline design. This design should be done in accordance with the hair density and face shape of the person. In order for the front hairline to be designed correctly, the person who will design should also have aesthetic knowledge. Read on for hairline design in hair transplant.


    How Do You Create a Hairline?

    Each patient’s age, wishes, gender, head shape, head size, facial structure, the degree of hair lightness and hair density are different from each other. For a natural and aesthetic front hairline design, all of these factors should be considered.

    In hair transplantation, the front hairline design is specially made for each patient. Everyone has different face and head shapes. Therefore, a standard measurement technique cannot be used. In the frontal hairline design, the lower limit that should be on the transition to the horizontal area on the head and the vertical area on the forehead is determined first. The point in the middle of the 2 eyebrows of this lower border is determined. This point is the center of the hairline. After this point, a personalized hairline design is made by experts. How up or down these lines should be drawn and how they bend is the point where science and art meet. All criteria must be planned correctly in order to design a perfect hairline.

    Having the hairline too high causes the person to continue to look bald. The hairline drawn downward causes the hair to look like a wig. There is no specific rule for measuring indentation in this area. Here, the aesthetic skills of the person who will design come into play.


    Front Hairline Design for Men in Hair Transplant

    Hair in the temple area and front hairline has a structure that consists of indentations and protrusions. Here the hair is uneven but symmetrical. In short, the natural front hairline has a mixed but regular appearance. The locations of the hair follicles to be transplanted should resemble the person’s natural front hairline. In addition, the direction of hair follicles should be the same.

    In the front hairline design for men, a slight indentation to be created at the temples is ideal. There is this indent in the temples of every adult man who does not have hair loss problem.


    Front Hairline Design for Women in Hair Transplant

    There may be different reasons why women have behind the front hairline. Hereditary characteristics, iatrogenic effects and androgenetic female pattern hair loss are some of these reasons. In women, the front hairline is more rounded, oval or straight. There is no indentation in the temple area as in men.


    Estheticana offers you the best and most natural hair design. Contact us to have a hair transplant in our clinic and to create the best treatment plan for you.


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