One of the issues that people who want to have hair transplantation wonder is when the final hair transplant results will be obtained. Those who have a hair transplant want to have their new look immediately. The duration of transplanted hair growth varies from person to person. However, it takes about 10 – 12 months to see the final results. This process may be shortened depending on environmental factors and hair structure.


Post Hair Transplantation Process

Personal planning should be done in hair transplantation. While planning hair transplantation, the patient’s; Attention should be paid to age, gender, hair structure, shedding degree and wishes. Post-hair transplantation evaluations should be evaluated by considering these variables. FUE hair transplant success rate is very high.

It is natural to see redness, itching and crusting in the treated areas after the operation. These problems will be greatly reduced after the first wash. In the first two weeks after the procedure, the wounds heal by scabbing. In this process, the transplanted hair follicles adapt to their new place.


Shock Hair Loss

Shock shedding begins approximately 2 weeks after hair transplantation. This stage is a part of hair transplantation. In shock shedding, the transplanted hair follicles are gradually shed. After the shock shedding process, the hair follicles will grow in a healthier way. After this phase, hair that goes into a normal growth cycle will grow an average of 1 – 2 centimeters per month. Hair growing in the first periods may be weaker than normal hair.


Hair Transplantation Process

Hair transplantation process takes place in 2 stages:

1. The attachment process of the transplanted hair

2. The growth process of transplanted hair

1. Healing Process of Transplanted Hair

This process starts right after the hair transplant operation and takes about a week. During this time, the scalp is sensitive and vulnerable to germs. Therefore, extra care should be taken during this period. The scalp should be protected against infection.

The first washing process after hair transplantation is done 3 days after hair transplantation. The first wash should be done in the hair transplant clinic. During the first wash, the hair follicles have not yet been able to hold tightly to their new place. A little wrong during washing can cause the hair follicles to rupture. Therefore, the first washing should be done by a specialist in this field. The patient can do other washes after the first wash himself.

Things to consider when washing the hair after hair transplantation:

• Hair should be washed with the products recommended by the doctor.

• Water should not be too hot or too cold.

• Water should not be too pressurized.

• Hard movements should not be made on the scalp.

• Very hard drying towels should not be preferred.

• No sharp movements should be made to the scalp during drying.


2. Growth Process of Implanted Hair

Approximately 2 months after the hair transplant, shock loss ends. After the shock shedding, hair follicles begin to grow. Hair strands begin to grow 4 months after the operation. By the 6th month, the hair follicles will grow between 50 – 60%. In the 8th month, the hair becomes thicker, and starts to take its natural form. Hair follicles continue to grow normally 1 year after hair transplant.


Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

It takes about 12 months to achieve the desired result in hair transplantation operation. At this point, your expectations should be realistic. You should go through the healing process well in order to have the look you want after the operation.

• Especially in the first week, care should be taken to avoid any blow to the head.

• Alcohol and smoking negatively affect the healing process. Therefore, alcohol and smoking should be avoided, especially in the first week after hair transplantation.

• Areas treated during sleep should not come into contact with the pillow.

• Itchy areas on the scalp should not be itchy.


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