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    Eligibility Criteria For Hair Transplant

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    Hair transplant is a treatment that is in high demand and is constantly evolving. One of the first issues that everyone who has hair loss and wants to have old bushy hair is wondering whether they are a suitable candidate for hair transplant. Hair transplant technologies are very advanced. In this way, many people are now suitable for hair transplant. However, we cannot say that everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant. So, what are the eligibility criteria for hair transplant operation?

    When people who cannot have a hair transplant operation are mentioned, the first health problems come to mind. In order for the hair transplant operation to be performed, the health condition of the patient must be appropriate. However, in some cases, although the health condition of the patient is suitable, hair transplant operation may not be performed. In this article, we will share with you health problems and other criteria that may prevent hair transplant.



    Eligibility Criteria For Hair Transplant: Donor Area

    The donor area is the area that has the strongest hair follicles and where the hair follicles will be taken for transplantation. The area between the two ears in the nape area is preferred as the donor area. Hair follicles in this area are ideal for transplantation. However, not only the neck is used as a donor area. Areas other than the nape that can be used as donor areas:

    • Hairs in the beard area,
    • Chest,
    • Chin,
    • Shoulders,
    • Arms and
    • Legs.

    In other words, hair transplant can be done with hairs taken from other parts of the body. In order for a region to be used as a donor area, the hair or hair follicles in that area must be of good quality. The main factors that determine the quality of the donor area are:

    • Diameter of the hair strand,
    • Hair follicle density.
    • Hair color,
    • The shape of the hair (curly – straight)



    Hair Transplant Operation

    Hair transplant operation consists of the following steps:

    Before hair transplant, a blood test is done. The reason for doing this test is to find out whether the patient’s health condition is suitable for the operation. A doctor’s report or a detailed blood test is required from a person with an important disease. In this way, hair transplantation suitability can be determined.

    If the person who will have a hair transplant has a chronic illness, these diseases are evaluated.

    Before the operation, the anesthetic sensitivity and allergic history of quinine are learned.



    Eligibility Criteria For Hair Transplant: Number of Grafts

    With the developing technology, very good results are obtained from the graft yield. The main donor area in hair transplant is the neck. The density and structure of the hair follicles in this area directly affect the success of the operation. There is a safe number of grafts that can be taken from the donor area. This number may vary from patient to patient. If more grafts are required, a second operation can be planned. Second operations are rarely done.

    The number of grafts that can be taken in the nape of some patients may not be sufficient for the operation. In this case, the patient’s body hair is used.

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